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Anne Kovalainen


Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurship, self-employment and new modes of work in contemporary societies;
Qualitative research methods and methodology;
Innovation and science policies;
Economy and gender


Contact information
tel. +358 29 450 2382 / +358 50 502 7022



Anne Kovalainen is professor in entrepreneurship at School of Economics, University of Turku. She has held Minna Canth Academy Professorship by Academy of Finland in 2010-2014. She has held positions as visiting faculty fellow at Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences, Michelle R. Clayman Gender Institute, LSE, Massachusetts University and at Roskilde University.  She has worked as visiting professor at London School of Economics and Political Science, Gender Institute, at Technology University Sydney and at Kingston University, UK.

Anne Kovalainen holds nationally and internationally several positions of trust: She is board member of the Finnish Innovation Fund (SITRA), of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia) and University of Turku Board. She is member of the several international scientific associations and serves as an expert to several science policy institutions (NORFACE, ESF). She has served twice as vice-chair of the Research Council for Culture and Society at the Academy of Finland (2004-2010).

She has designed and led several large national and international research projects with competitive funding (EU, Academy of Finland, Nordic Council of Ministers, TEKES), all with national and international collaborative work and publications. Anne Kovalainen is editorial board member of several academic journals, including Research in the Sociology of Work (ASA, editorial board member since 2015), Academy of Management Perspectives (AOM, editorial board member since 2009), International Small Business Journal (ECSB, editorial board member since 2007).


Research Interests

Anne Kovalainen’s scholarly work and research interests fall into four main areas that are interrelated in many ways: economy and society, and especially relations between entrepreneurship, self-employment and paid work as integral part of economy; social research methodology and methods; modes of knowledge production and STS research and research on gender. She is interested in social and societal aspects of economic life, gender as social theory concept, and knowledge formation and uses of knowledge, both in society and in sciences. She employs interdisciplinary perspectives in her scholarly work. 

Currently she is interested also of the recent changes in the relationships of state, academia and business, best captured in the interdisciplinary project on Knowledge Governance.  She is leader of the GEM-project in Finland, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, with a team working at the School of Economics.


Selected publications

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 See also Minna Canth Academy research project (2010-14) on Gendered Economy here.