Library’s new service policies and fees from 1.1.2020 onwards


As a result of the migration to the new Volter, new lending procedures will be introduced on 1.1.2020. The automatic renewal of loans will expand to cover also course books. At the same time, service fees will also be renewed.

Automatic renewal applied also to course books

Loan renewal procedures will change. The new rules will also be applied to items borrowed before 1.1.2020.

  • Course book loans (14 days) of all customers will be automatically renewed for 6 months.
  • General loans (28 days) will be automatically renewed for 12 months, the loans of the University of Turku personnel will be renewed without time limit.
  • Automatic renewal will always stop, when the maximum loan period (6/12 months) has been reached or when there is a reservation or the customer’s borrowing rights have been suspended. Materials that have already been on loan for a longer period of time, may reach the maximum loan period at the beginning of the year 2020.
  • Observe! When the maximum loan period has been reached, loans can no longer be renewed by the customer. Loans should then be returned or brought to the library for relending before the due date.

In order to avoid any overdue fees, these loans should be returned or brought to the library for relending before the due date. There will be no due dates between 6.12.2019-15.1.2020.

Changes to library service fees

With the new library system, the overdue fees are also renewed. These changes are result of the cooperation between all university libraries in Turku to streamline their lending policies, as well as of the customer feedback.

  • Other items than course books (general loans, journals) will have a daily fee (0,30 €/day/item). The maximum overdue fee for one item is 6 €.
  • The overdue fees for course books will remain the same (1 €/day/book, max 10 €/book)
  • The overdue fees for overnight and weekend loans will be reduced to 10€/book.

The changes regarding fees will come into effect on 1.1.2020. The fees apply to all library customers.

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Created 12.12.2019 | Updated 12.12.2019