Description of Document publicity and Information Requests

Act on Information Management in Public Administration, 906/2019, Section 28 The purpose of this description is to facilitate independent search and use of datasets and making an information request to the University.

Universities are considered equal to authorities in accordance with the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999). The documents created in the University's activities are mainly public. Data can be withheld only due to reasons relating to confidentiality regulations or protection of personal data. There are no formal requirements for information requests in accordance with the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, but the requested document has to be identified as closely as possible so that the University knows which document the request concerns.

The documents related to the University's activities as an authority are registered in the case register and information requests related to these documents will be handled by the Registry. Information request refers to a document request in accordance with the Act on the Openness of Government Activities and an information request in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation.

The Registry refers the information request to the correct unit for processing.

Telephone: +358 50 359 1729
Postal address: Hämeenkatu 2, 20014 Turun yliopisto

The response to the information request can be subject to a charge for the requester.

The datasets are presented below as entities relating to different units and activities. Please read through the descriptions before filing an information request. The descriptions contain key search words that can help you in making the information request and identifying the document you need. The descriptions also contain links to public information on the University’s activities.

University’s case register

Drafts and documents created in the University’s case processing are registered in the University’s case management system. Documents are created in the organisation and administration of research and teaching as well as in the University’s support services, for example, in the Financial Services and Human Resources.

Information can be searched from the case management in various ways, such as by searching with the title of the matter or document, from text contents with keywords, with the name of the sender or author of the document, and with different date and identification data.

More information about the data included in the University’s case register is available from the Registry.

The information in the University's case register is not available through a open  technical interface.


Science is based on the open production and sharing of knowledge. Openness has always been one of the principles of science and research. Explore open science and research.

The Open Research Policy describes the University-level principles and policies that are related to the openness of the research process and methods.

Data Policy and its policy programme.

Publication Policy and its policy programme.

University's openly available doctoral dissertations and theses.

Information on the University's publications and researchers in the Research Portal.

Development and commercialisation of a research idea.

Research infrastructure.

Each researcher or research group is responsible for managing their own research data, and they observe the good scientific practice and follow the University's Data Protection Policy (in Finnish)

Granting a research permit for the University’s datasets (in Finnish).

For research projects, the data is not available through an open technical interface. Search words can include e.g. partners, funders, name of the project, and unit.

The datasets created during the planning and preparation of a research project are often confidential.

The University does not have centralised access to research data. Contacts and requests related to your own personal data that is possibly part of a research data set must be directed to the contact address of the research project, which was issued to the subjects when they participated in the research.

Education and studying

Study record systems include data related to the organisation of teaching and maintaining study and degree records. This data includes e.g. curricula and syllabi, personal information and study records of degree and non-degree students, and the personal and payment information and study records of the applicants and students to Open University.

Information can be searched with the person’s name, date of birth, student number, or name of the course, for instance. the data is not available through an open technical interface.

As a student, you can view your information in the Peppi system.

Information in the study record system (Peppi) is given to the person in question or, in certain cases, for research purposes, for example. Disclosure of data requires applying for permission from the University (in Finnish).

Instructions for application and admissions.

You can request official copies of degree certificates from the Central Archives from the address arkisto[at]

Opportunities in continuous learning are available in different disciplines.

The aim of the University of Turku Regulation on Studies is to guarantee due process in education and studies, and to promote quality assurance in studies and teaching.

Privacy notice of processing students’ personal data.

Teacher Training Schools

The teacher training schools of the University of Turku are Teacher Training Schools at Turku and Rauma.

The activities of the teacher training schools are based on the Universities Act (558/2009, Section 8) which regulates the tasks of the teacher training schools. The rules of procedure of the teacher training schools define the tasks and management of the schools more closely.

Personnel of the Teacher Training School at Turku.

Personnel of the Teacher Training School at Rauma.

Partnerships and Strategic Engagement

The University receives donations from individuals, companies, and communities. The donations are directed directly to the development of research and education. The donation can be allocated to the University in general or to a specific discipline.

The University maintains a register of the people and organisations that have donated to the University. Data can be searched from the register with the name of the donor or organisation and the municipality of the donor.  Privacy notice (in Finnish) of the donor register

Alumni, customer and stakeholder data is handled in many units and services at the University. This data is centrally managed in the Konsta system that includes a customer, relationship and management (CRM) system and an event management system.

The contact register maintains the data of different stakeholder groups of the University of Turku (alumni, partners, customers). The event management system is used for collecting registrations to events and training organised by the University, their management as well as to the communications and marketing related to the events and training.

Data can be searched from Konsta on the basis of the name of the person, event, or training, for instance. The data is not available through an open technical interface.

Privacy Notice of Konsta, the Contact and Event Management System.

University management and general administration

The University operates according to the values, aims and missions stated in its Strategy.

Key information on the organisation and management of the University of Turku. 

Annual Report 2021.

The University signs a performance agreement with the Ministry of Education and Culture for a four-year period: Ministry and the universities’ agreements (in Finnish) 

The University and its units draft their annual plans (operating plan, personnel plan and budget) to the steering system and report on the implementation of the operating plan.  Data is not available through an open technical interface from the information pool.

The quality of the University’s operations is steered by the Quality Policy approved by the University Board and the Quality Manual approved by the Rector. The audit reports of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre are available on their website Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) 

Personnel and well-being

Employees’ employment contract information and the personal data of persons receiving remunerations and similar compensations are recorded in the University's person register. Absences, vacations, leaves of absence, and the evaluations of job requirement level and personal performance level are also saved in the register. Data can be searched with the person's name, social security number, or date of birth. The data is not available through an open technical interface. Information from the person register can be disclosed only on certain conditions in accordance with the legislation. The requester must clarify the purpose of use for the data and, if necessary, how the data protection is organised.

During the employment relationship, employees can view their own data directly in the personal data systems. Personal information related to salary payment can be requested directly from the service provider Certia. More information is available on the intranet at the employment relationship website.

Datasets related to recruitments are handled in the eRekry system (Saima and Saimi). These include, for example, announcing open positions, collecting information from the applicants and comparing it to make recruitment decisions, collecting open applications, and reporting. The open positions are announced on the University website.

Contact information of the University personnel and experts.

Documents related to human resources and personnel training, occupational well-being, equality, and occupational safety and health, such as the Personnel Policy, Personnel Report, minutes of working groups, instructions, decisions, and recruitment decisions and minutes are registered in the University’s case register and you can request them from the Registry. The documents are mainly public, but can contain confidential information.

Privacy notice of the personal data systems.

Financial and Facility Services

The register of the SAP system contains information on the University’s invoiced customers, suppliers, and travellers. Information can be searched from the information pool by the customer’s/supplier's name or address. Data is not available through an open technical interface from the information pool.

Privacy notice of SAP-system (in Finnish).

University Communications

The University’s Mediabank and its picture archives includes photographs, videos and other audiovisual materials. The persons’ contact information who are featured in the photographs and videos and the information related to the photography situations and permissions are stored in the system. This data also functions as search words.

The photography permissions and physical materials are stored in the University’s central archives.

The University website contains photos and information separately on ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees. Pictures from the years 2015 and 2017 are uploaded to site, the others are available on the Mediabank.

The University’s press releases are available on the University’s website in English with press releases. The search can also be limited to doctoral dissertations. Only some of the press releases are translated into English. The press releases are archived as paper versions to the Central Archives.

The University Communications has collected a list of experts for the use of the media.

Privacy notices of the University Communications. Privacy notice for the Mediabank.


The Turku University Library is a public scientific library. The Library supports the research, teaching, and studying of the multidisciplinary scientific community.

Library’s datasets and services.

Library customers can always check their own information, such as loans, reservations or fees, and other customer information on Volter.

Library’s privacy notices.

You can request more information about the Library’s services from

Central Archives

The data created in the University’s activities has been archived to the University's Central Archives since the University’s founding in the 1920s. The data consists mainly of materials related to decision-making and study and personnel administration, but valuable personal archives and collections have also been given to the Archives. More information on the collections is available on the listing on the Finnish webpage Records Management and Central Archives of the University of Turku.

The data created in the University's research projects is archived by the research projects themselves, the Central Archives contains documents mainly related to the administration of research.

You can request the archived documents, such as official copies of degree certificates, from the Central Archives from the address arkisto[at]

The data is not available through an open technical interface.