University of Turku - Contact Information and Invoicing Address

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Financial Services:
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Telephone numbers:

tel: +358 29 450 5000
fax: +358 29 450 5040

Personnel contact information

You can use the people search to find personnel either by their name of by using a key word.

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Invoicing address

The University accepts mainly electronic invoices. For more information, please contact the Financial Services:

Business ID 0245896-3
VAT number FI02458963
Legal entity identifier 7437006SYZB0R55V2O49

Note. The University's invoicing address has changed on 13.11.2019.


Invoicing address for domestic vendors

The University accepts mainly electronic invoices:

University of Turku EDI ID: 003702458963
E-invoice operator: CGI
Operator ID: 003703575029

All attachments of the e-invoices must be in pdf format.

If the vendor does not have the opportunity to send e-invoices, they can send the invoice using Telia Vendor Portal.

When using the portal for the first time, the vendor needs to register as a new user at After this, the vendor will receive an invitation to use the University's Vendor Portal.

The portal itself is used at in either Finnish, Swedish or English. Find the user guide for the portal at

Please note that the invoice must always have a reference:

  • Orderer or recipient
  • Unit/cost centre or project number
Invoicing address for foreign vendors

Foreign vendors have three different ways to send invoices:

1) E-invoices:

University of Turku EDI ID: 003702458963
E-invoice operator: CGI
Operator ID: 003703575029

2) Paper invoices:

University of Turku
P.O. Box 772
00074 CGI

3) Email invoices in PDF format:

Email address:

One PDF file = 1 invoice, max 10 invoices per email

External invoicing

The University adds a €15 charge for small sales invoices where the tax-free total of the invoice is under €100.