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Developing Expertise

The University of Turku is a is a top-ranked multidisciplinary university with eight faculties. We offer companies and organisations a wide selection of courses for personnel development and training.

Our open university and continuing education courses enable professionals in your organisation to update, supplement and expand their skills at different stages of their careers. We also offer bespoke training and development services that allow you to benefit from the latest scientific research and multidisciplinary expertise. Our learning methods are designed to introduce you to new concepts and models of best practice.

Global Education Services

The University of Turku offers academic continuing education courses, educational visits, commissioned degree programmes as well as predefined and bespoke training, development and coaching programmes.

Our educational services are based on our research and educational expertise in the areas of such as early childhood education, teacher education, pedagogical leadership, strategic foresight and management, university pedagogy, cyber security as well as and university-based entrepreneurship and innovation.

We also offer bespoke continuing education for industry and organisations. Our training specialists will design a workshop, masterclass or programme that best suits your needs and are flexible in program length, timing and delivery.

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Leadership Development Programmes

TSE exe at the University of Turku is a professional leadership development partner for companies and programmes as well as consortium programmes for executives, managers and experts.

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Open University

The Open University offers affordable and flexible university-level studies. You can inspire and encourage employees to develop their skills by sponsoring their studies - the study fee is just 15 euros per credit.

Open University courses are open to anyone, regardless of profession or background. We offer courses in various fields: economics, engineering, education, life sciences, social sciences etc. All studies are based on our degree programmes.

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