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Come Work with Us!

Come work with us at the University of Turku and be a part of an active international community of 25,000 students and employees. We make the world a better a place and invest in the future with research, education, and services. Join our responsible community conducting meaningful, stimulating, and inspiring work!

The University of Turku is an inspiring, encouraging, and interactive work and study environment. We are a responsible employer and higher education institution whose operations are built on common values.

We offer our personnel:

  • interesting duties and an opportunity to develop your own work
  • modern work equipment and facilities
  • compact centre campuses in Turku, Pori, and Rauma
  • a work community that invests in well-being and the diverse services of the unique Study and Work Well-being Services unit
  • versatile training opportunities to develop your expertise
  • flexible work arrangements (e.g. opportunity to work from home, flexible working hours of other personnel)
  • comprehensive occupational health services in Mehiläinen
  • CampusSport’s broad selection of sports services at a personnel price
Get inspired by challenge.
Work opportunities for making a difference.

Facts about the University of Turku as an employer:

  • number of employees working at the University of Turku is 3,400
  • average age of personnel is 44 years
  • share of women of the whole personnel is 59%
  • share of international staff is 10%, share of researchers is over 21%
  • employees from 60 different countries
  • share of research personnel is 32% and teaching personnel 30%
  • 38% works with other tasks supporting research and teaching

Statistics from the University of Turku Personnel Report 2017

Sitaatti Ari Koski 1
I have changed units and positions at the University and have always been given new challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities.
Ari Koski
Coordinator of Transnational Education, Development Services

Goals of the Personnel Policy

Best place to work at

Every employee is responsible for promoting good work climate and creating a feeling of communality. Good leadership and competent managerial work create a basis for the realisation of the basic mission of the University and for the development of personnel well-being.

Active human resource planning and competent recruitment

Recruitments are based on long-term human resource planning and take the emphases of education and research into account. The University attracts talented and motivated employees, and the number and structure of personnel corresponds to the needs of the University’s operation.

Using international recruitment channels in the recruitment of teaching and research personnel.

Development of personnel expertise and managerial work

We value personnel’s competence as a success factor of the University. Development of expertise is supported by recognising training needs, offering different forms of continuing education, and developing leadership and management.

Researcher career opportunities at the University of Turku

Khalil Shahramiam sitaatti
The high quality of research and the available research infrastructure brought me here. Turku has a great reputation in dentistry.
Khalil Shahramian
Doctoral Candidate, Finnish Doctoral Programme in Oral Sciences (FINDOS Turku)

Appreciation and support for researchers

HR logoThe European Commission has awarded the University of Turku the right to use the HR Excellence in Research logo. The logo is a token of the university's commitment to continuous development of the position and working conditions of researchers along the guidelines set forth in the European Charter for Researchers. Read more >