Employees sitting around a table in a meeting room

Diverse and Inspiring Academic Community

The University of Turku is a vibrant, inspiring, diverse and equal academic community of approximately 25,000 students and staff members from around the world. 

Our personnel

We are proud to employ a diverse range of professionals in academic, administrative and support positions. As an active expert community, we are passionate about our fields of expertise and committed to expanding and sharing our knowledge base to the benefit of the wider society.

Our mission is to be an internationally active and attractive research university whose strength lies in high-quality, multidisciplinary research. In line with this mission, we already employ a significant number of international staff members who bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and cultural perspectives to our university community. To further increase and expand the diversity and expertise of our community, we are actively developing our international recruitment processes and staff mobility.

As an employer, the University of Turku is committed to providing a stimulating and supportive working environment for all our employees, with opportunities for professional development, research collaboration, and personal growth.

Our employees' well-being is a mutual concern for us and we believe that everyone’s role in a supportive and active community is equally important. We strive to ensure the well-functioning of everyday working life for our University community and the well-being of individuals and work communities with extensive and accessible services.

We support multiculturalism and strive to strengthen integration as a two-way process in order to improve our international experts’ opportunities in participating in all the activities at our University.