Opiskelija vierailemassa opiskelijakeskuksessa

For students of the University of Turku

You can find all information regarding study matters and counselling on the Intranet of the University of Turku. Intranet is accessed with UTU credentials. On this page, you can find information which you may find useful when you do not have an active UTU account.

Guidance for students

Study Guidance Services in the Faculties:

Faculty of Humanities: opohum@utu.fi 
Faculty of Education: opoedu@utu.fi (Turku), opoedu-rauma@utu.fi (Rauma)
Faculty of Medicine: opomed@utu.fi
Faculty of Science: oposci@utu.fi
Faculty of Law: opolaw@utu.fi
Faculty of Technology: opotech@utu.fi
Turku School of Economics: opotse@utu.fi (Turku), opotse-pori@utu.fi (Pori)
Faculty of Social Sciences: oposoc@utu.fi