Forfeiting Study Right

It is possible to forfeit any degree or non-degree study right with a notification to the Student Centre Disco.

  • It is possible to forfeit all or only one study right at the University.
  • The notification is binding and if one wants to apply for study rights at a later time, he/she is subject to the normal student admission process.
  • In case there has been a fee for studies, the fee will be refunded only if the studies are cancelled for reasons related to programme management.

Noticifation has to be made in writing using the special form

  • You can find the form at this page
  • You need to certify your identity when forfeiting study right.
  • If you send the form by email or by post to the Student Centre Disco, please attach a copy of you ID or passport.

Study rights are valid until the date of delivery of the notification to
the Student Centre Disco of the University of Turku.