Supplementary studies after graduating at the University of Turku

Note! University of Turku implemented a new study data system in the summer of 2021. The new system, Peppi, replaces the old systems Nettiopsu, Opsu, study plan system (hops), Open University Nettiopsu and Rekka.


Note! Now, in an exceptional situation in Covid19, no documents can be brought over or send by post, because the staff has been ordered to work at home. You can send e-mail to Student Centre Disco: disco "at" For information security, please send your appendix from your UTU e-mail. University guidelines in a coronavirus situation.


University registration. According to University's regulations a student can continue supplementary studies after graduation.

The general regulations (Opintojohtosääntö, 5.1 §)

  • A student who has completed a Master's degree at the University of Turku, or a Bachelor's degree whose completion does not entitle to studies leading to a Master's degree, has the right to supplement his/her degree for free during the same academic year and the two following academic years after graduation.

Supplementary studies will not be included into your degree afterwards. Supplementary studies will been shown in transcript separately from degree studies.

Registration instructions

Study right for supplementary studies

The validity for supplementary studies is defined in University regulations (Opintojohtosääntö)

  • According to University regulations from 1 Aug 2018 the validity for supplementary studies is two total academic years.
  • According to the old regulations the time was three academic years.

The validity depends on your time of graduation:

  • If you  have graduated 31 June 2018 or earlier, your supplementary time is valid for three academic years
  • If you have graduated 1 Aug 2018 or later, your supplementary time is two academic years.

You can check the period for validity in the study register system

  • When you have registered for supplementary studies, you can check the period of validity in study register system.
  • When your study right for supplementary studies is about to end, you'll receive an e-mail from Student Centre Disco. You can continue your studies as non-degree studies liable to charges.
How to register for supplementary studies?

For the first registration for supplementary studies please contact the Student Centre Disco via e-mail.

  • In your message please tell us your student numer of Finnish ID number, name and that you'll register for supplementary studies.
  • Please note that this university registration as attending student does not quarantee your access to all studies, and it is advisable to contact the department before course enrollments.

It is only possible to register for supplementary studies after your degree is visible in Peppi.

  • You will receive e-mail when your registration is valid.
  • There is no registration period or re-registration fee for new supplementary studies, since new study rights can be issued at any time during the academic year.
  • Students pursuing supplementary studies can not join the Student Union or get a student card.
  • Supplementary studies will not be included into your degree afterwards. Supplementary studies will been shown in transcript separately from degree studies.

Later your registration will be added automatically in the Student Centre Disco within the valid of your study right.​​​​​