Non-degree studies at University of Turku

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Visiting / non-degree students are those who independently come to the university without having a formal exchange agreement. Visiting students may be at the university for a variety of reasons. For example, they already might have a degree and want to further their knowledge in a particular field, or the University of Turku offers a programme or course unavailable at their home university. A visiting student is not able to complete a degree at the University of Turku.

Non-degree studies are the normal teaching of the subject and complete the same studies as the degree students. Non-degree studies are usually subject to fees.

Turku School of Economics (TSE) does not accept any free movers to non-degree/visiting studies. Study right is granted only for those seeking to complete a degree at TSE and studying for eligibility.

Application and Contact Information

Most faculties do not have certain application period for applying. However, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, in particular, recommend that the studies begin in the autumn semester, as all basic education is not available in the spring semester.

To apply for non-degree studies, you have to fill in the application form you can find at this page. You can find the link below. If you apply to Centre for Language and Communication Studies, you have to make a separate application for each course. In general, if you apply for more than one dicipline, you have to fill in a separate form for each.

Application has to be sent to the faculty in question.

Contact information for each faculty:

  • Faculty of Humanities, (study affairs),  20014 University of Turku,
  • Faculty of Science (study affairs), 20014 University of Turku,
  • Faculty of Medicine, (study affairs), University of Turku,
  • Faculty of Law, (study affairs), 20014 University of Turku,
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, (study affairs), 20014 University of Turku,
  • Faculty of Education, (study affairs),20014 University of Turku,
  • Faculty of Technology, (study affairs), 20014 University of Turku,
  • Turku School of Economics, (study affairs), 20014 University of Turku,
  • Centre for Language and Communication Studies, 20014 University of Turku,
Study right and fees

Visiting student has the right to study only in the specific courses or programmes to which she/he has been accepted. Visiting student must pay a fee by the decision of the Faculty.
The study right becomes valid only after the verification of the payment. The fee is not refundable.

Fees decided by the Rector of the University of Turku:
1 credit: 15 EUR
Basic Studies Module: 250 EUR
Intermediate Studies Module: 350 EUR
Advanced Studies Module: 600 EUR

Decision about the study right

The faculty in question makes the decission about the application. Applicant will be informed by e-mail and he/she will also get the instructions how to pay the fees if reguired. The right to study will be registered to student information system about in a week after the possible payment is recieved. After the registration is done, the student will be informed by e-mail.

Housing in Turku

Look for the housing well in advance. The non-degree students cannot apply the exchange student housing.
Finding housing for a short period of time from the general rental markets in Turku is difficult especially during August and September. Normally the rental agreements are done for a fixed period of a year and earlier resignation requires a penalty fee to be paid by the tenant.
You can take a look for rental apartments for example from following webpages.:
Hostel S/S Bore
Guesthouse Majatalo Kupittaa
Guesthouse Tapuli
Conference Hotel and Hostel Linnasmäki
The Bridgettine Sisters Student Hostel (only for female students)
Airbnb Turku - International students looking for apartments in Turku - group named "Turun omatoiminen asuntovälitys" for renting apartments/rooms or looking for roommates in Turku.