Why UTU?

The University of Turku is an active international research university and an active academic community of 25,000 students and employees from over 100 different countries. As one of the leading universities in Finland, the University of Turku offers study and research opportunities in seven faculties - expertise ranking from Humanities to Natural Sciences.

The University’s aim and ambition is to provide students with innovative problem solving skills and a high-standard, multidisciplinary education based on the latest research.

Thanks to the outstanding services, compact campus and active academic community, international students and scholars feel at home from the very beginning of their stay.

Welcome to the campus that never sleeps!

10 Best reasons to choose UTU

We are the most international university in Finland

The University of Turku is the most international university in Finland and among the top 200 universities in the world according (THE Times Higher Education ranking).

The University belongs to the global academic community. Several research projects are made in collaboration with international partners and our researchers secure supplementary funding also come from abroad. Of the annual 5,000 research publications, the majority are published in international forums.

On campus, you can meet students, teachers and researchers from over a 100 different countries. University students and staff have the opportunity to participate in exchange programmes and gain experience on studying or working in an international environment.

The University of Turku co-operates in numerous global academic networks, programmes and projects. As well as being part of some of the oldest and most prestigious networks, such as the Coimbra Group, we actively create new connections in ground-breaking areas.

There are annually over 2,500 international students studying at the University of Turku. English is spoken everywhere and you can find friends through the Student Union or the International Friendship Programme. The International Students of Turku Universities (ISTU) and Erasmus Students Network (ESN) societies also organise many free time activities and fun events for newcomers.

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International campus

Our Programmes are Based on our Strenghts in Research

Currently, the University of Turku offers 3 Bachelor’s degree programmes 16 international Master’s degree programmes taught in English. The MDP in Finnish and Finno-Ugric languages is taught in Finnish.  

All our programmes are carefully planned – the curriculum, structure and study contents of each programme have been designed to fulfill the most ambitious standards in a specific field of science.

The best lecturers have been picked to challenge you through your studies and to coach you to your dream career – wheather in business or in research.

The University of Turku was placed among the top universities in the world in nine different subjects in the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject.  The subjects which succeeded in this woldwide evaluation were Nursing, Dentistry, Education, Law, Medicine, Biological Sciences, Economics and Econometrics, Modern Languages and Physics & Astronomy.

After completing your Master’s degree, you can apply for the University-funded doctoral training positions to work fulltime on your doctoral dissertation and professional development. The doctoral studies at the University of Turku provide excellent prerequisites for a career in research for motivated and talented students.

The University offers 17 doctoral programmes. All the doctoral candidates belong to the University of Turku Graduate school (UTUGS), which provides systematic and high quality doctoral training on academic topics as  well as on transferable skills and career planning.

As a doctoral candidate, you will have one or two personal supervisors and the progress of your dissertation will be regularly followed.

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Doctoral training at UTU

Excellent career prospects for graduates

The graduates of the University of Turku are creative and innovative experts who are not content  with ready-made solutions and thinking models.

The studies at the University of Turku can be adapted to reflect the student’s own goals. The students reach beyond the traditional  discipline borders to become the experts needed in the future working life. The professors and teachers are determined to develop the students’ skills for working life.

Support services and projects are also available for strenghtening your personal skills in career planning and job seeking. These services include CV clinics, personal supervision, events, and innovation camps and projects such as Project Aces, where multidisciplinary and often international student teams plan and implement an assignment given by a local company or organisation.

95% of UTU alumni feel that they received high-quality education and can utilise it in their work

Generous scholarships and paid doctoral positions available for talented students

Tuition fees are for degree students from outside EU and EEA countries or Switzerland. Fees do not apply to exchange students, regardless of their citizenship, nor to doctoral programmes.

The University offers a generous scholarship programme for students who are subject to the tuition fees. The scholarship programme has 3 categories:

  • 2-year scholarship that covers the entire tuition fee for 2 academic years.
  • 2-year scholarship that covers 50 % of the tuition fee for 2 academic years.
  • 1-year scholarship for outstanding performance during the 1st study year. The scholarship covers the 2nd year tuition fee.

A scholarship will be granted to up to 30 % of the admitted students who are subject to tuition fees and have applied for a scholarship.

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Professors and lecturers that challenge you to learn

As a student of the University of Turku, you will be taught by the very best in the field! And if you think that studying in a university involves just sitting in a lecture hall, you are wrong. At the University of Turku, versatile learning methods and various approaches to discussion and learning are in use as well as in trial.

In seminars, students practise how to carry out scientific research and academic dialogue. Each participant writes a thesis which is presented to the group. Often, an opponent is appointed to the thesis who reads up on the topic beforehand and generates discussion by presenting their views and asking questions. The rest of the group participates in the discussion by commenting on the thesis.

Mobile lectures make it possible to listen to lectures directly from your mobile phone while jogging. At the Centre for East Asian Studies, students can watch and listen to lectures on their phone or tablet if they prefer it to the traditional way.

Many departments use the electronic exam service which enables the students to take exams at the time of their choosing. On the day of the examination, the student arrives to the exam room, also called an exam aquarium, at the time they have booked, leaves their belongings in a locker and takes only the student card with them to the exam. The card opens the door to the exam room where the student can log on to the computer and the exam with the university user name and password.

At some courses, interaction is practised through role play and simulation. Students get information about the starting point and background of the situation in order to perform in their roles. They decide how they behave in the given framework and the rest of the group observes the situation. Afterwards, the group analyses the interaction together and contemplates how successful the solutions were.

When a certain topic has to be taught to a large group of students, teachers favour tarditional mass lectures. There can be several lecturers on the same course and each one covers their own area of expertise. In a large lecture hall, the students can concentrate on listening and taking notes, but there is always room for tough questions.

Some of the courses at the University can be carried out electronically in the Moodle learning environment. On these online courses, students get learning materials, discuss matters with course mates and do assignments directly in the learning environment. 

In the flipped classroom model, the students study the topic before the lectures even start. At the lectures, they do assignments, discuss the topic and apply what they have learned. This teaching method has been used in the Faculty of Medicine for many years.

professors challenge you to learn

Personal support and student services throughout your studies

University of Turku is known for its excellent services. Our staff  – both the academic and supportive staff – repeatedly gain the best possible evaluations in different student satisfaction surveys.

Personal tutors help you to get a smooth start in your studies and student life in Finland! The UTU Personal Tutor system engages voluntary and trained Finnish or international students to help you with practical matters and guide you through the student life in Turku.

Tutors are Finnish or international students who are interested in different cultures and languages. They have become tutors in order to meet new people, learn about different cultures, practice a foreign language, and to have an international experience.

Student health care is included in the Student Union membership fee, which is compulsory to all students. Therefore, all students and members of the Student Union are entitled to the services offered by the Finnish Student Health Service on weekdays.

  • Consultations with general practitioners and specialists as well as laboratory tests are free of charge.
  • Dentist’s appointments cost 10 euros or more, depending on the procedure.

Student lunch is served around the campus in restaurants and cafeterias at the special student price of €2.60 (with student card). Lunch consists of one main course from the menu, a drink, and all-you-can-eat bread and salad buffets.

CampusSport in Turku provides versatile sport services around the campus and the city focusing on fitness and health. The versatile sports selection of CampusSport includes instructed sports classes (group workouts, combat sports, outdoor sports), sports shifts, five different gyms, a swimming pool and short courses. The fee for an academic year is €60 (2018-2019).

Personal support

Excellent facilities and learning environments

The University of Turku is an inspiring, encouraging and interactive working and learning environment and the University is constantly looking for new ways to develop its study environments. The campus atmosphere motivates and inspires students to achieve their goals.

IT Services on campus are versatile and free to use. All students have access to the University computing services with no additional cost

  • 24/7 Computer Labs
  • wireless networks around the campus
  • utu.fi e-mail account and mailing lists
  • electronic programmes that make studying easier

The Turku University Library is comprised of six different units on the Turku Campus. Most of the University Library services are free of charge.

Student housing is offered by the Turku Student Village Foundation. Student apartments are located in 18 different locations around the city –  the closest ones just a few hundred meters from the campus.  For rent, there are studios, bigger family apartments, and appartments with roommates or with a shared kitchen.


Wide selection of optional and minor studies in English

The over 130 discplines of the University offer you over 300 courses taught in English. Besides your own degree curriculum, you are able to take many optional courses and tailor your study plan to fulfill your personal interests and ambitions.

A flexible study rights agreement offers you the possibility to  complete studies for your degree at another Finnish university free of charge. In general, these studies include courses that are not offered at the student’s home university in Finland and need to be approved by the student’s Finnish home university.

At the Centre for Language and Communication Studies, you have various possibilities to improve your language skills with different courses and activities. Finnish for Foreigners courses are available for international students. You can also participate in other language courses at advanced level, when courses are not taught in Finnish, but in the target language. Language Centre also arranges extra-curricular activities like language circles and tandem language exchanges.

Centre for Language and Communication Studies

Active student life and versatile activiities

In Turku and at the University of Turku, it is totally up to you, whether you want to concentrate on your studies or research 100 % – or to get involved, network or be active in the student or city life!

Both the Student Union and the City of Turku offer you a vast array of free time activities –  culture, sports, politics… Turku is definitely a city for both nature lovers and city dwellers.  Choose the lifestyle you prefer!

The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY, Turun yliopiston ylioppilaskunta) is a public corporation completely independent of the University of Turku. The membership fee of the Union is compulsory to all students.

The role of the Studen Union TYY is to represent its members, to advance the position of students in society and provide them with services ranging from consultations with lawyers to parties and sports opportunities.

Student Union also serves as an umbrella organisation for many student clubs. One of the best ways of meeting Finnish students and getting involved in student life is joining these clubs.

International Students of Turku Universities ISTU ry is an organisation for international degree students at the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University, the Swedish-language university in Turku. ISTU provides opportunities for both Master’s degree students and doctoral candidates to meet each other and enjoy social activities, and aims to raise the profile of international degree students at all levels of the University and Student Union.

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Active studentlife

Compact campus where all is near

International students describe the campus of the University of Turku as “compact”, “cosy” and having a “homelike atmosphere”

The campus is located right next to the city centre of Turku. All the services are near and by foot or bike you get easily from one place to another, from your student apartment to a lecture, and from the lecture to the city centre.

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Turku Campus at winter