Welcome to the Library

Turku University Library is a scientific library open to everyone. Anyone can visit our library units and use our online services. By using the library's services, you agree to comply with the library rules and regulations.

Library card

How to get a library card
A library card can be obtained free of charge from any of the library units by providing an identity card and an address in Finland.

A barcoded library or student card from any other Finnish university can also be used, it just needs to be activated in the library before use.

A library card is personal. You, as the card holder, are responsible for all material borrowed with the card and must agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the library.

If you lose your library card or your address changes, please inform us as soon as possible at library@utu.fi.

PIN code

To sign in to the Volter database you’ll need a customer ID which is the barcode number on your library card, and a PIN code which is by default your birth date (ddmmyy).

You can change your PIN code by logging in to your account at Volter database.

If you forget your PIN code, please visit any of our library service desks and you will be issued a new one.  Remember to take your identity card with you.

Library card in your smartphone

You can find your library card barcode in your Volter Account. By opening the barcode on your smartphone screen, you can use your phone in a check-out machine instead of the library card.

Borrowing and use of the library resources

Loan periods

Loan periods vary by library and resources

The most common loan periods            
•    course books 14 days
•    books 28 days
•    journals 14 days
•    If you are print disabled, you are entitled to an extended loan period on 14-day course book loans

Coursebook overnight and weekend loans
•    can be borrowed during the library’s last opening hour
•    must be returned by 10 am next weekday to the library from where it was borrowed (by 11 am in Teacher Education Library in Rauma)
•    coursebook overnight and weekend loans can be borrowed during a day but need to be returned same day before closing time
•    no renewals

Information on loan periods of laptops, tablets and calculators can be found on Library premises and devices page


Automatic renewal

28 day loans will be automatically renewed for a year unless there are reservations.
Automatic renewal does not apply to course books. You need to do it yourself
•    in Volter database
•    by email library@utu.fi
•    by phone
•    at the customer service desks
•    by Chat
Automatic renewal does not apply to overnight and weekend loans. Also a suspension of borrowing rights prevents automatic renewals.
Remember to renew your loans by the due date during the opening hours of the library. Technical malfunction or service break does not free you from overdue fees.

Why can’t I renew my book?

•    the book has been reserved
•    your borrowing rights have been suspended
•    you have renewed your loan 99 times (1 year)
•    it is an overnight or weekend loan

There is a 15 minute service break every night in Volter between 9 pm - 10 pm. If you have problems logging in, please try again later.

Return your loans 

The following loans must be returned to the library in question:

  • overnight loans and weekend loans
  • loans of the Teacher Education Library in Rauma
  • loans of the Library of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies in Pori

The overdue fees always accumulate after the owning library of the item has closed on the due date. When you return your loans to the return boxes, the books will be registered as returned on the next opening day of the library.


Library loans are your responsibility but we will notify you by email

  • once of the approaching due date of your loans and
  • three times of loans that are already overdue

Remember to check the due dates of your loans in the Volter database.

Overdue fees must be paid even if the emails and letters do not reach you due to an incorrect address or, for example, email failures.

Fees and online payments


Overdue fees accumulate according to the library's pricelist. If you have 10 euros or more of unpaid fees, your borrowing rights will be suspended. Suspension of borrowing rights is in effect at all library units of the University of Turku.

Suspension of borrowing rights also occurs when

  • a loan is 28 days overdue
  • a coursebook is 14 days overdue
  • an overnight and weekend loan item is overdue

Borrowing rights will be restored after the loans are returned and/or overdue fees paid

Accrued fees can be paid

  • via online banking services (in Volter Classic )
  • with a debit card and most common credit cards (Feeniks Library, Educarium Library, Teutori Library, the Turku School of Economics Library and Library of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies in Pori)
  • in Rauma Teacher Education Library you can pay with cash or credit/debit card

The library charges a fee for lost or damaged items and for sending an invoice. If a customer has already compensated an item, the library is not obligated to recompense, if the customer returns the item later.

Online payment

​Online payment is available at Volter Classic with all Finnish online bank services, Visa and MasterCard. When online, you can only pay the full amount. The service is available daily from 0.05 AM to 9.40 PM.

The fees can only be paid if the loans with fees have been returned or renewed. If you can’t renew your loans, contact the library by e-mail: library@utu.fi.

Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the library.

Paytrail Plc
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181 830
Business ID 2122839-7


Using e-resources

The electronic resources are available in the network of Turku University or through remote access. Remote access requires UTU user ID and password.

  • Open University students - Registration and Student Services at the Open University
  • Walk-in customers
    • The walk-in access allows all library customers to use most of the e-resources of the Turku University Library.  Access to these electronic resources is available via dedicated computers, use, print and/or save e-resources of the library without logging in. The walk-in access is provided by most of the Finnish academic libraries.
    • A student of the University of Turku can, for example, go to the Åbo Akademi Library and use, print and/or save e-resources of the library without logging in.
  • E-books - How to use e-books

The library sends a customer three overdue notices. If the customer does not react to the notices, the library will send a postal letter notifying the customer that the loans will be transferred to invoicing. If the customer has not returned the loans within two weeks of the transfer notification, the loans will be transferred to invoicing.

If a customer returns the loans after invoicing, the library will refund 80% of the compensation payment of the loans. The customer is obliged to pay the overdue and processing fees.

If a customer, after already making a compensation payment for unreturned loans, returns the loans, the library is not obliged to compensate the payments.

The collection of the unpaid invoice is transferred to the debt collection agency.

Borrowing between the campuses (Turku, Rauma, Pori)

In addition to the libraries located on the Turku campus, the Volter database also contains material from the Library of the Teacher Education Institute in Rauma, as well as from the Pori University Library's Library on Cultural Production and Landscape Research and the School of Economics in Pori.

Customers can borrow materials from campuses through the library's interlibrary services. Fill out the interlibrary loan request form online or contact us kaukopalvelu@utu.fi. The service is charged according to the library's price list.

Availability and accessibility are an important part of the services of Turku University Library

  • Print-disabled students have a right to an extended loan period for course books (14-day loans). The first loan period of the course book is 3 weeks.
  • Book fetching services are available if you have a physical disability. You can request books to be delivered to a library of your choice.
  • 24/7 electronic resources.
  • Free Celia service for print-disabled students.

Find out more on library's Availability and Accessibility pages.

Reservations and requests


If a book you are looking for is on loan, you can reserve it yourself or by contacting the library. To reserve it, log in to Volter-database with your library card barcode and PIN code. Reservations are free of charge.

However, if you need to reserve a book from another campus (Rauma, Pori) you need to contact Interlibrary Services kaukopalvelu@utu.fi. Please note that there will be a charge for Interlibrary Services. Pricelist of Services

You will receive an email notice when your reservation is ready for pick up from the library the book belongs to. The collecting period for course books is 3 working days, for other books 5 working days. Reservations are on self-service shelves.  If you prefer not to have the reserved item on the self-service shelf, add text "Not to the self-service shelf, pick up from customer service" to the comment field of the request.

Please note that books available on the shelf can't be reserved. ​

Storage requests

Some of the library resources are kept in closed stacks. You can get material from the stacks by making a storage request yourself or contacting the library.

When you make a storage request, start by searching the book in the Volter Database and log in with your library card barcode number and PIN code. After login you will see a Make storage request button.

  • Storage requests from the closed stacks are collected once a day during a work week.
  • Storage requests can be collected the following working day after 2pm from the self-service shelves. If you prefer not to have the reserved item on the self-service shelf, add text "Not to the self-service shelf, pick up from customer service" to the comment field of the request.
  • Requested items are kept reserved for a week
  • Small part of the Feeniks Library collections are kept in remote stacks, collection is on Thursdays.
Storage requests for ephemera materials

Ephemera materials are located at Turku University Library’s Newspaper and Ephemera Services in Raisio. The resources can be accessed by making a storage request.

Please send Ephemera request by email library@utu.fi

The requested item is available the following working day at 10 am. Requested items are kept reserved for one week.

Please note that the requested material is only available at the Newspaper and Ephemera Services in Raisio, not in any other library unit of the Turku University Library.

Storage requests for newspapers

Newspapers are located at Turku University Library’s Newspaper and Ephemera Services at Raisio. The resources can be accessed by making a storage request.

Please send Newspaper request by email library@utu.fi

The requested item is available the following working day at 10am. Requested items are kept reserved for a week.

Plese note that the requested material is only available at the Newspaper and Ephemera Services at Raisio, not in any other library unit of the Turku University Library.

Article requests from the National Repository Library

National Repository Library (NRL) has started using  Koha library system on June 18th 2019. Because of the change, the ordering of the article requests from NRL has also changed.

In the future the article requests are ordered through our Interlibrary Services at the Feeniks Library. Electronic copies from NRL are still free, please check the price of other services from the library pricelist.

You can use the Interlibrary services request form to make an article request.

You can also contact us via email at kaukopalvelu@utu.fi.

Interlibrary Services and resources around us

Libraries in Turku area
There are many libraries in Turku, so the material you are looking for can be found surprisingly close. The use of electronic materials is often possible as a walk-in customer. Check the availability of each library's own database:

Turku University of Appied Sciences

Turku City Library


Open Access resources

Many organizations have repositories where publications are openly available to anyone. Learn about the different ways to find parallel publishing and freely accessible open access articles in the Open Access Guide:

How to Find Open Access Resources

Interlibrary services for customers

Interlibrary loan request is binding. The customer is responsible for all costs of loan request even if the loan is not collected. Interlibrary loans can be renewed if there are no reservations.

Request form for library customers or email kaukopalvelu@utu.fi.

Interlibrary services are located in Feeniks Library.

Postal address:
Turku University Library / Interlibrary services

Pricelist of services

Interlibrary services for libraries

Request form for libraries

​Based on the Rector’s decision the University of Turku has introduced an invoice fee of 15€ (alv 0%) for small sales. The amount of the additional fee depends on the expences caused by invoicing and it will be revised annually. The small invoice fee is added to invoices under 100 e (without taxes). The interlibrary services of the Turku University Library invoices customers biannually/annually.

Interlibrary services are located in Feeniks Library.

Postal address:
Turku University Library / Interlibrary services

Restrictions on interlibrary loans ordered from the University of Turku Library

  • The loans can be renewed up to 10 times.
  • Some of the publications such as Fennica collection sent as interlibrary loans can only be used in a reading room.
  • Course books are sent as interlibrary loans only for students of University of Turku.
  • Theses (master’s theses etc.) sent as interlibrary loans are for reading room use only.
  • Theses (master’s theses etc.) are not supplied abroad.
  • Copies of electronic material can be sent if the licence conditions allow it.
  • Journals: the Fennica collection lends journals for reading room use depending on their condition and the date of publication.
  • Newspapers are not available for interlibrary loans.


e-invoicing of Turku University Library

  • OVT-tunnus: 003702458963
  • Y-tunnus: 0245896-3
  • e-invoicing operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
  • operator brokerage code: 003710948874
  • If you are not able to submit e-invoices, you will be asked to submit the invoices to: University of Turku, PO Box 7245, 01051 LASKUT.
  • for invoice reference: library / long distance service
  • copies of the interlibrary requests in question

Pricelist of interlibrary services

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