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Registration and Student Services at the Open University

The Open University offers studies that are available to everyone regardless of age, educational aims or previous schooling.

The Open University - open to everyone

Generally, to become a student at the Open University, you must register as a student and pay the tuition fee. Registration, tuition fee and the study right always apply to one study module or study unit/course only. Registration is done through the online service of the Open University. As there is no English version available, you can ask the Education secretary or coordinator to assist you in completing the registration process. Please note that registration for the studies is binding.
Open University studies are arranged in cooperation with the faculties of the university. Their learning requirements correspond to those of degree studies. Open universities cannot award degrees, but credits are transferable and can be incorporated into university degrees. Open University students are not entitled to the same financial or social benefits as degree students, nor do the Open University studies give the right to obtain a residence permit.

Students at the Open University have different goals: qualifications needed at the labour market, upgrading previous education or self-development. Studying at the Open University also provides one with an idea of the nature of university studies and helps one to prepare for academic degree studies.


You can study university studies from different fields at the Open University. Most of the studies offered are basic-level studies taught in Finnish. Only a few courses are taught in English. In order to complete the courses you must already have a good command of Finnish/English.

Modes of study

Individual courses taught in English are carried out as classroom studies at the University of Turku. The tuition fee is 15 € / study credit (equivalent to ECTS credits). Classroom study refers to a traditional university teaching method where the student
• participates in lectures, group assignments, seminars or other teaching provided by university teachers
• completes assignments and examinations related to studies
• takes book examinations independently (literature examinations)
The courses are arranged
• by the Open University and held in the evenings (after 4 p.m.) or
• as integrated into degree teaching in which case the Open University students can take part in the courses arranged for the degree students. The lectures usually take place during the day, Mon-Fri, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
The lectures are usually organised as two hour lessons (1 lesson à 45 min). There may also be intensive courses and lectures on Saturdays. The lecturers are university teachers who are experts in their fields.  

As a student of the Open University, you will get a user account which allows you to use the network services offered to the students of the University of Turku, such as the Moodle learning environment, library services and copying.

Binding registration and right to study

• Registration always applies to one study module, study unit or course. Thus the right to study applies to that study module, unit or course to which the student has enrolled and of which she/he has paid the tuition fee. The right to study is of limited duration and varies according to the scope of studies and the course schedule. The duration of the right to study is stated in the course schedule.
• Registration for the studies at the Open University is made in the Nettiopsu service of the Open University.
• Students of the Open University are required to have the possibility to access a network connection during the studies. The students will be granted an access to certain network services of the university.
• Registration is binding after the payment of the tuition fee and cannot be cancelled.
• Paid tuition fees are not refunded, with exception of cancelation of the studies due to an insufficient number of participants or for another reason connected to the functions of the Open University, or due to an illness of the student preventing his/her studying, in which case an informal written appeal, together with a doctor's or nurse's certificate, must be made to the course secretary.
• Right to study cannot be transferred to another study module or unit except in the case that the Open University has to cancel the studies to which the student has enrolled due to an insufficient number of participants. The right to study cannot be transferred to another person either.

Tuition fee and grounds for payment

•    The Open University tuition fee covers one study module, study unit or course. In case the study module includes optional study units/courses, the tuition fee covers the number of courses included within the scope of the study module.
•In case the student registers for the complete study module after having received a study right to a single unit or course included in the same study module, the student can be refunded the already paid tuition fee of maximum of two study units. Registration to the paid study units must be from the current or previous academic year (older than that are not refunded). The refund is based on the paid fees.
•    The tuition fees of the Open University are based on the Finnish laws and regulations on university education, according to which the tuition fees must not exceed 15 eur per study credit (referred laws and regulations, in Finnish only:  yliopistolaki24.7.2009/558, valtioneuvoston asetus yliopistojen toiminnassa perittävistä maksuista 1082/2009, muutos asetukseen 1436/2014). Tuition fees are not subject to VAT. The co-operation institutions organising Open University education may charge the students additional fees according to their practices.
•    The tuition fee of the Open University is a performance subject to public law and thus distrainable directly without separate measures. (Law on the execution of the taxes and payments 706/2007)
•    The rector of the University of Turku confirms the tuition fees of the Open University each academic year.
•    The full fees of the study modules are indicated in the course schedule. Any additional fees are also mentioned.

Methods of payment

•    Tuition fee is paid after the registration online in a net bank or by credit card via the Paytrail website. In case an online net bank payment is not possible, the student must contact the course secretary in advance before registration. We charge 15 euros extra for paper invoice.
•    In studies arranged in co-operation with other educational institutions the tuition fee of the Open University can be invoiced through the organizing institution. Please contact the co-operation institution in question for more information.
•    The services connected to online payments and financing are carried out by the Paytrail PLC (business ID 2122839-7, address: Lutakonaukio 7, 40100 Jyväskylä) in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions.
•    Online payments are possible through: Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Tapiola, Aktia, Nooa, POP Bank, Savings Banks, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki, Ålandsbanken as well as by the following credit cards: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard.
•    Paytrail PLC purchases the payment and renders it to the account of the University of Turku.  Nordea and Danske Bank have an agreement with the University of Turku and the receiver of the payment is directly the University of Turku.

Payment instructions and terms of payment

•    The tuition fee can be paid through a link in the Open University’s Nettiopsu service about one hour after submitting the registration. The tuition fee must be paid within 24 hours after submitting the registration or otherwise the registration is cancelled.
•    In studies where earlier studies are required, payment instructions for online payment are sent by e-mail after the registration has been processed. After the payment instructions have been sent to the student, the tuition fee must be paid within 3 days.
•    Tuition fee of a study module is paid in two instalments. Instructions for the payment of the first instalment are sent to the student by email once the registration has been processed. The first instalment must be paid within 3 days after the payment instruction email has been sent. The second instalment is paid in January if the studies start in the Autumn semester and in June if the studies start in the Spring semester. Instructions for the payment of the second instalment are sent to the student by email and it must be paid within 14 days of the notification.  
In case a student wishes to renounce his/her right to study before the 2nd instalment payment is due, the renouncement must be made by email to the course secretary by the end of November for the Autumn semester studies and by the end of April for the Spring semester studies. The study right is cancelled immediately once the course secretary has received the notice and completing the studies is no longer possible.
•    If a student is admitted to studies from a wait list, the tuition fee must be paid within 3 days after the notification has been sent or otherwise the registration is cancelled.  
•    With tuition fees invoiced by the co-operation institutions the terms of payment may vary. Please contact the co-operation institution in question for more information.
•    In case the tuition fee is to be billed from the student’s employer, the student must contact the course secretary in advance before registering for the studies.



Open University student’s user account

Students of the Open University of the University of Turku will obtain a user account from the University of Turku. The user account is a personal permission to access the network services offered by the University of Turku to its students.

Network services of the student of the Open University

The students of the Open University of the University of Turku have access to following network services with their user account:
• Nettiopsu of the Open University

• Moodle learning environment
• Search portal of the university library
• printing, copying and scanning  

Students of the Open University are not able to access with their user accounts the internal web site of the University of Turku which is used by the staff of the university and degree students. The instructions, study materials etc. needed in the studies of the Open University can be found at the Open University’s own website, in Moodle or at the subjects’ website.

Applying for a user account and password and conditions of use

To get a username and password you must sign up to the Nettiopsu service of the Open University.
The user account will at first allow you to sign up to Nettiopsu only and register for studies. Once you have paid the tuition fee you will be granted the right to study. When your right to study is validated, you will gain access to Moodle and other network services. You can check the validity of your study right from the Nettiopsu of the Open University by choosing Opintotarjonta > Omat ilmoittautumiset ja opinto-oikeudet.
If you already have a valid right to study but do not have a username and have not yet used Nettiopsu, please contact Education secretary.
Once you have got the university user account, you agree to follow the terms and conditions of user account.
The password is strictly personal: it is forbidden in the terms and conditions of use of the university to give the password to anyone, not even to the personnel of the Open University or IT services. See the instructions on how to use the password on the page changing your password.

Changing password

The passwords expire and must therefore be changed every 180 days. Please see the instructions on how to change the password on the page changing your password.  
No advance warning is given when the password is about to expire. It is recommended to make a note to change the password again in 90 days each time you change the password. The network services of the university cannot be accessed with an expired password.

Forgotten or expired password

If you have forgotten your password or it has expired, you can renew it by following the instructions found on the page  Changing your password
You can also contact the Education secretary who can create a new password for you. The new password must be collected in person from the Open University office or from the co-operation institution. When you collect the new password, you will be asked to show a proof of identity (identity card, driver’s license, passport or KELA card with a photo). The new password will not be given through email or phone. 

Validity of the user account

Your user account is valid as long as you have the right to study at the Open University. Your user account can be valid also on other grounds, e.g. if you are a degree student at the University of Turku or a member of staff.
You will receive an email notification two weeks before the termination of the validity. Once the account has expired, you can no longer access the network services of the university.
In case you have not yet completed your studies by the time of the termination of your study right, you must re-register to continue your studies in order to retain your user account.
In case your user account has expired, you can reactivate it in the Nettiopsu service of the Open University with the “Luo tunnus” function.

Library services of the University of Turku

Knowing how to use library services and searching information are an important part of studying. In finding course materials, it is useful to check out the local libraries (also interlibrary loans) and services of the library of the University of Turku. The libraries offer students different information resources and materials also from the Internet, from the electronic publications as well as offer services to search information.

Turku University Library
The Turku University Library is an academic library and accessible for anyone seeking information. There are five library units at the Turku University Campus. Please see the library’s instructions on how to find the course books you need. On the library’s website you will also find information on how to borrow and reserve materials and renew loans, and also information on other libraries in Turku and on electronic course books.

Signing up for exams and general exam practices

To complete the Open University studies, in most cases you need to take a book exam or an exam based on the lectures and lecture materials after each study unit/course. There are always at least three chances to take the course exams. During your study right period, you can take the same exam maximum of three times even if there were more than three optional exam dates given in the study programme. The highest grade will be registered.

Exam dates can be found in the course schedule

Exams are organised on the general exam dates of the Open University as well as on particular exam dates of the study course. Please see the course specific information on the course schedule.

Registration for exams in the Nettiopsu service of the Open University  

Register to take an exam at Avoimen yliopiston Nettiopsu  
•    Registration for exams is done in the Nettiopsu service of the Open University.
•     Registration must be done at least seven days before the exam date (e.g. to general exam date on the Wednesday week before).
•    You can also cancel your registration to take an exam in the Nettiopsu service during the exam registration period. If the exam registration is already closed, please contact the course secretary by phone or email. If you miss the exam and fail to cancel your participation in time, it is considered as one exam taken.
Please contact the course secretary in case you need more information about registration for exams.

Electronic examination

The University of Turku offers the possibility to take exams also electronically either in e-exam rooms or as Moodle exams. The subjects that use the electronic exam system will inform the students separately about exam dates and times.

Some studies of the Open University use also the electronic exam rooms in Turku, in the University Consortium in Pori, in the teacher training school in Rauma and in Vaasa (Åbo Akademi’s exam room).
•    Instructions for electronic exams and exact locations can be found at the page https://exam.utu.fi/
•    The exam time must be booked in advance and the key to the exam room picked up. See instructions at exam.utu.fi

Moodle exam

Moodle exams are carried out individually in the Moodle learning environment within a given date and timeframe. The completed exam answer is saved and sent to the teacher for evaluation.

Moodle exams allow the use of lecture notes, references and other study materials. The exam questions are formulated in a way that answers cannot be found directly from the books but require an ability to combine and deduce information to answer the questions. Students prepare for a Moodle exam as for any other type of examination.