Accessibility at University of Turku

In its operations, the University emphasises participation and communality. This is manifested in the equal opportunities for all community members to participate in the University’s activities and to develop their skills and knowledge.

Accessibility in studies

Participation in relation to accessibility means taking into account the needs of staff and students in developing curricula and teaching methods. This ensures the accessibility of services.

The University of Turku aims at ensuring accessibility in studies for all of the students of the University. In case you need individual support due to e.g. learning difficulties or an illness or disability that affects learning, individual arrangements can be made regarding your studies.

The Accessibility Planning Officer guides, counsels and supports disabled students and different kinds of learners. You can contact them in case you need e.g. special arrangements for your studies.

The University also offers counsel for applicants for international student exchange who need special support due to disability or illness.

Physical Accessibility

The University of Turku has investigated the accessibility of lecture halls in Educarium, Publicum, Natura, Agora, and School of Economics in autumn 2017.

It is important to take into account that parts of the campus area are located in difficult terrain (University Hill) and therefore some outside areas are accessible only by car.


In most of the lecture halls, the accessible seating is located close to the entrance, in the back of the hall. The doors of the lectures halls are not automatic and some of them are heavy. Furthermore, there might be tables or chairs that need to be moved away from the accessible seating. Moving between locations takes time and personal assistance might be required. Visibility to the chalkboard/screen is often poor from the accessible seating.


Lighting varies between different lecture halls. People with poor vision should note that the lighting of the lecture halls cannot be adjusted to meet individual needs and that only a few of the lecture hall stairways are marked with proper contrasting.


At the moment, only the lecture halls of Agora include a fixed audio induction loop. There is also one portable induction loop at the University. University Porter Timo Väisänen gives advice in matters concerning induction: tel. 333 5912, email:

Please take into consideration

Air conditioning or surroundings might cause background noise in the facilities. Accessibility might be limited by pillars or other permanent structures in some of the lecture halls.

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Accessibility of Information

Open University education is open for everyone regardless of age or educational background. The study modules can be chosen freely. The right to study is usually granted on the basis of registration and paying the course fee.
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Openness has always been one of the principles of science and research. Science is based on the open production and sharing of knowledge.
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The University of Turku offers the students, employees and visitors of the University free, wireless network.