Wireless Networks

You can access wireless networks in all University facilities. There are three networks; UTU Visitor, Eduroam, and UTU Staff.


UTU Visitor

UTU Visitor is the wireless network for visitors. You can log in through a portal webpage. The network covers the entire campus.

UTU Visitor instructions


To begin using the network, choose UTU Visitor from the list of available networks on your device. After you have connected to the network, you will need to open a browser window and you will be redirected to the registration page.

On the registration page, enter your name and an email address (where the login credentials will be sent), and accept the network's terms and conditions. You will be logged in automatically and redirected to the network's guide service.

Network limitations

UTU Visitor allows only normal browser traffic, tunneling protocols, and secure email protocols.

Your login credentials are active for a fixed period of time. A single user can connect a maximum of two devices to the network.


Eduroam is an international roaming service for higher education institutions and visiting researchers. The University of Turku is a member of the service. Eduroam offers a free, secure, and easy to use connection to the internet. University personnel and students can use the network in other Eduroam organisations around the world as well.

Eduroam instructions


Eduroam  is a free, secure, and easy to use world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. University of Turku students and staff can use the Eduroam network at all Eduroam organisations around the world.

Logging into the wireless network is automatic, and you do not need to log in again each time you use the network. You are able to keep all your mobile devices connected to the high speed WLAN at all times. Eduroam is very secure, keeping the network traffic of your wireless device encrypted.


To begin using Eduroam, you need to enter the correct settings into your device. The settings can be configured automatically or manually.

Once the settings are done, you can login by using your UTU credentials; username@utu.fi and password. You can go online wherever the "eduroam" network is available, no matter the country or city you are currently in.

Utu Staff

UTU Staff is the wireless network for personnel. It offers a fast and secure user experience. UTU Staff works like a wired connection, allowing you to access the internet, printers, home folders, and network drives.

More information on wireless networks

For support and instructions, you can contact your nearest IT Service Desk or email helpdesk@utu.fi.