UTU Account and Password

With the University’s user account i.e. UTU account, you can sign in to almost all the University’s data systems. You can access the wireless network, print, and sign in to Windows workstations.

In addition, you can access several services offered by other higher education institutions by signing in using HAKA.

The UTU account is personal and the related password must never be given to anyone else. Even the IT Services never asks for anyone’s password.

The UTU account is created automatically for personnel and students, others must apply for it. The account is activated at https://idm.utu.fi/utu_idm/index_en.html. By activating your user account, you agree to comply with the IT Rules and Rules of IT Service Use that you will get to read before activating the account.

If you do not have Finnish online bank credentials you can activate your UTU account at any IT helpdesk. You can also contact helpdesk via email: helpdesk@utu.fi.

In the account activation creating the password and later in the password change there is few minutes delay before you can use it on log in to the services.

Link below (IdM) actions to all users (online banking authentication in suomi.fi service):

  • Reset password with online banking credentials
  • Activate your user account with online banking credentials (can be used once to activate new account
  • Change Password (requires old and active password)
  • Manage my information

UTU account for different user groups

For personnel
  • The user account is created automatically with approximately one day’s delay after the employment contract has been registered in the personnel register.
  • If the person in question already has a student’s or visitor’s UTU account, the same account will be complemented with personnel’s rights.
For students
  • The prerequisite for getting a student’s user account is enrolment as either attending or non-attending student at the University of Turku for the ongoing term.
  • After the beginning of the term, the user account is created automatically with approximately one day’s delay after the enrolment has been transferred into the student register.
For Open University students
  • The prerequisite for a valid Open University student’s user account is a valid right to study at the Open University.
  • The account is created with approximately one day’s delay after the approval of the right to study has been registered in the Open University’s student register.
  • More information on the Open University webpages.
For others

When there is needed to apply for an account for someone who does not get it automatically, such as

  • grantee
  • visiting teacher, researcher, and professor
  • a person working with project funding
  • part-time hourly-paid teacher and substitute
  • a person performing non-military service and intern
  • employee of a partner organisation (Migration Institute of Finland, Hospital District, Student Union of the University of Turku, Turku University Foundation etc.)

Union of the University of Turku, Turku University Foundation etc.)
Members of personnel may apply for a fixed-period UTU account for visitors, interns, and partners. The supervisor supports the applying and makes sure that the account is used according to the rules.