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Open Science and Research

Take a shine to research and openness!

Science is based on the production and sharing of knowledge. Openness has always been one of the principles of science and research. However, open science holds tremendous potential to change research cultures and advance research.  

Take a closer look and explore our open research at these web pages. Access research results and scientific knowledge. Rummage through open research data. Fall in love with openness.

Societally engaged impactful research
Openness increases research impact and democratizes science

Openness leads to impactful research. Societally engaged research is shared and mutual. 

Scientific knowledge is common resource. Openness and transparency of research and open access to research results increase research impact and quality. Open access to data and code will lead us to the sources of innovation. 

Open collaboration supports transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research with different stakeholders throughout the research cycle. New technologies create new research practices. Citizen science, participatory research and crowdsourcing in research call citizens for participation and offer comprehension of differences in expertise.