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Open data

At the University of Turku, we aim for as open data and research methods as possible, and as closed as necessary.

Since 2016, the University of Turku's Data Policy and the related action program have guided the university community in the transparency related to the collection, use and management of research data. The policy will be updated during the coming year, e.g. taking into account recent national and international developments in open science and research.

>> Data Policy of the University of Turku (pdf)

>> Action program of data policy (Excel)

The University of Turku is committed to complying with TENK's research ethics guidelines, which include a recommendation to open research data. More information:

>> Research Ethics at the University of Turku (link)

One way to implement the openness of science is openly storing of the data and its metadata collected in research. The data catalog is an open list of all research data produced and used at the University of Turku.

>> Datacatalogue (link)

Turku University library specialists offer training and support for opening data and data management. You can familiarize yourself with the guidelines prepared by the library's specialists on the openness of the research data and data management here:

>> Research Data Guide (link)