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Promote Open Science – Opening Your Publications From Behind the Paywall Is Easy


Researchers at the University of Turku are increasingly publishing in open access publication channels or opting for open publishing in subscription-based journals. The visibility and discoverability of one's publication can also be enhanced with no extra cost at all. This can be done by self-archiving an approved and peer-reviewed manuscript in, for example, the organization's publication archive or research portal.

University of Turku Has Joined International OpenAPC-service


University of Turku is now a member of international OpenAPC service which collects information of open access costs paid by the universities. Data is based on University of Turku book-keeping records which has been enriched at the library by publication data. At the moment OpenAPCs-service covers information of open access publication cost paid by the University of Turku from the years 2017-2018 and beginning of 2019 (January-April 2019). 

Open Science and Society

Open science strengthens societal impact of academic research and polyphony builds trust in science and scientific knowledge. Reliable science belongs to all of us!