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University of Turku Best in Finland in Openness of Science and Research


The Ministry of Education and Culture has completed an evaluation on the openness of operational cultures in various research organisations. The objective of the evaluation was to assess how the organisations promote open science and research. The University of Turku scored best among the assessed organisations and achieved the highest possible scores in all areas assessed.

Promote Open Science – Opening Your Publications From Behind the Paywall Is Easy


Researchers at the University of Turku are increasingly publishing in open access publication channels or opting for open publishing in subscription-based journals. The visibility and discoverability of one's publication can also be enhanced with no extra cost at all. This can be done by self-archiving an approved and peer-reviewed manuscript in, for example, the organization's publication archive or research portal.

University of Turku Has Joined International OpenAPC-service


University of Turku is now a member of international OpenAPC service which collects information of open access costs paid by the universities. Data is based on University of Turku book-keeping records which has been enriched at the library by publication data. At the moment OpenAPCs-service covers information of open access publication cost paid by the University of Turku from the years 2017-2018 and beginning of 2019 (January-April 2019). 

Open Science and Society

Open science strengthens societal impact of academic research and polyphony builds trust in science and scientific knowledge. Reliable science belongs to all of us!