Researchers Discovered New Immune Response Regulators


The research groups of Academy Professor Riitta Lahesmaa and Research Director Laura Elo from Turku Centre for Biotechnology have discovered new proteins that regulate T cells in the human immune system. Some of these proteins can provide possible new targets for drug development in treating immune-mediated diseases.

University’s International Student Ambassadors Share Their Student Life in Turku on Social Media


13 Master’s degree students have been selected as the international student ambassadors of the University of Turku: Claudia from Mexico, Ameya and Meghadipa from India, Frida from Finland, Milla and Antonia from the United States, Kristaps from Latvia, Jonathon from the United Kingdom, Armin from Iran, Mac and Huy from Vietnam, Claire from China, and Dado from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Baltic Rim Economies 4/2018 published


The latest issue of the Baltic Rim Economies (BRE) review was published on 18 December introducing articles on current topics concerning the Baltic Sea region.