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Promising Results from First-in-Humans Study of a Novel PET Radiopharmaceutical - Study Continues with Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients


The preliminary trial results of a novel radiopharmaceutical for PET imaging of inflammation developed at the University of Turku, Finland, have been published. The compound, which targets the vascular adhesion protein 1 (VAP-1) that regulates inflammatory cell traffic, is the first radiopharmaceutical that has been developed completely in Finland and has advanced to clinical trials. In the study that started with healthy volunteers, the radiopharmaceutical was found to be well tolerated and safe.

Share Your Values with Us


What do you value or what does your work community or home country value? Please tell us in the #Value4YourValue survey. The survey is carried out by the EC2U Alliance of seven European universities, one of which is the University of Turku.

Turku Invites Partners to EC2U Forum in May


The Forum organised by the European Campus of City-Universities, EC2U Alliance, consisting of seven European universities will take place virtually during 17–21 May. The EC2U Forum hosted by the University of Turku focuses on topics including social sustainability, collaboration of universities and cities, and making students even more committed to their studies.

Book a Visit to the Library


The Turku University Library units will open in a limited capacity to students and staff of the university starting from Monday 19th April 2021. You can browse the collections, use the machines, and study areas by booking a library visit in advance via email. While in the library premises, you are expected to follow the university’s instructions on the corona virus situation, including wearing face masks and keeping at least 2 metre’s safe distance to others.