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International Business research on cosmopolitans


COSMO research team from Turku School of Economics and Åbo Akademi presented their research on cosmopolitan behavior at the 5th International Entrepreneurship Workshop at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

Radio signal reveals supernova origin


In the latest issue of the journal Nature, an international team including astronomers from University of Turku reveal the origin of a thermonuclear supernova explosion. Strong emission lines of helium and the first detection of such a supernova in radio waves show that the exploding white dwarf star had a helium-rich companion.

“Mental health is a part of humanity” – In a Recent Seminar, The Experts Emphasized the Societal Effects of Mental Health


In a recent seminar, there were presentations about mental health stigma and ways to reduce it.  A major topic of discussion was the prevalence of mental health stigma and its negative effect on the human dignity of those in need of services. The seminar was organized by The Research Centre for Child Psychiatry, INVEST research centre and the Advisory Board for Public health (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health).