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New Study Helps to Understand Human Defence Mechanisms and Spread of Cancer


With the help of new technology, the researchers of the University of Turku have gained more detailed information on the diversity of the human lymphatic system than before. The research results can help to understand the human defence mechanisms on the molecular level even better than before. Several cancers, such as breast cancer and head and neck cancers, spread primarily via the lymphatic system.

Researchers from Turku Bioscience Centre Identified Novel Oncogenic Function for Receptor Linked with Alzheimer’s Disease


Common and rare SORLA single nucleotide polymorphisms have been associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. So far, SORLA has been mainly studied in neurons, but the new study focused on the role of SORLA in cancer cells. Led by Academy Professor Johanna Ivaska, the research group observed that SORLA was highly expressed in HER2 positive cancers. Removing SORLA from cancer cells severely impaired the oncogenic fitness of HER2 positive cancers.

Medicity Research Laboratory

Medicity is the research laboratory of the Medical Faculty of Universuty of Turku. Medicity provides the laboratory, infrastructure, and office space for altogether about 100 scientists and technicians. The basic goal of Medicity is to provide the researchers with a stimulating research and training environment and produce high-quality research in biomedicine and translational medicine.