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Science Shapes Our Everyday Lives


We often overlook the fact that many things that are commonplace for us today are a result of successful research on the subject. A great amount of research that has already affected and will affect the lives of all of us in the future is conducted at the University of Turku. How would hospitals or schools run without universities? Furthermore, how could we ever move towards a more sustainable world without research?

New Chinese Language Lecturer Hui Shi: “Language Opens Doors to a New Way of Thinking”


It has been possible to study Chinese language as a major subject at the University of Turku since 2021. The subject was recently strengthened with a new lecturer, Dr Hui Shi. The Chinese language department places special emphasis on the competence and skills needed in professional life and in various expert professions. The aim is that the students have a diverse understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

Medieval Latrine Discovered in Turku Reveals the Secrets of 15th Century Diet


Researchers from the University of Turku analysed the contents of a medieval latrine to study the life and diet of people who lived in the 15th and 16th century Turku. One of the most interesting finds was melegueta pepper, which grows in Africa and was used as a spice similar to black pepper. The research shows that, in addition to using the resources of the surrounding nature, the citizens of medieval Turku also had contacts abroad.