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Alexander Mildner found his passion in macrophages


Young Alexander Mildner wanted to be an artist. His parents did not object to the idea but suggested that their son should first go to the University of Göttingen, from where he could transfer to an art school after a year. But things turned out differently. Today, Mildner is one of the world's most cited immunology researchers and an Associate Professor at the InFLAMES flagship of the University of Turku.  

Navigating major shifts in the food system


How to respond to growing consumer expectations for ecological, plant-based or healthy food? How can societies ensure sustainable food production? Researchers are looking for solutions to questions that are rapidly transforming the entire food industry. The University of Turku launches a new degree programme in food technology in the autumn to meet the growing demand for experts in the industry.  

Population encounters have shaped people in Finland


People living in the area of Finland have never been a homogeneous group. Our cultural, genetic and linguistic heritage all have a diverse background and are in a constant state of change. People, ideas, customs and diseases have always moved from place to place and left their mark on the population. In a major research consortium, researchers are studying how these marks are still visible in people.