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Researchers create new, unparallelled supramolecular plastic which is degradable and highly recyclable


A research group headed by senior researcher Jianwei Li at the MediCity Research Laboratory has explored a new type of materials called supramolecular plastics that would substitute the conventional polymeric plastics with an eco-friendlier material promoting sustainable development. The mechanical properties of the supramolecular plastic created by the researchers using liquid-liquid phase separation were comparable to conventional polymers, but the new plastic decomposes much more easily and would be easier to reuse.

Natural Mineral Hackmanite Can Change Colour Almost Indefinitely Enabling Numerous Applications


While investigating hackmanite, a natural wonder material, researchers found that it, in addition to two other minerals, can change their colour upon exposure to UV radiation repeatedly without wearing out. The results show that the inexpensive hackmanite, which is easy to synthesise, is also an excellent material because of its high durability and applicability for different purposes.

Researchers from the University of Turku Develop Hackmanite-Based Radiation Detectors for the International Space Station


Researchers from the University of Turku are developing a new hackmanite-based dosimeter and passive detectors for the International Space Station, intended to be used to measure the radiation dose uptake of materials during space flights. The year-long research project is funded by the European Space Agency, ESA.