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Registration open for the seminar "Sustainability and Academic Research – UTU Researchers Contributing to Sustainability"


Welcome to the seminar "Sustainability and Academic Research – UTU Researchers Contributing to Sustainability" on 4th June. Faced with a multitude of challenges ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic and global environmental crisis to a variety of risks pointed out by for example the third citizens’ panel on sustainable development in Finland, the presenters and audience are invited to share their thoughts and insights on sustainability and academic research. Registration is open until 2nd June.

Carbon Footprint of the University of Turku Halved – Coronavirus Situation Reduced Commute Carbon Footprint


The University of Turku has estimated its carbon footprint already for the third time. The carbon footprint of 2020 was 10,500 tCO2 which was about half of the total of the previous year. The reduced emissions were due to the decrease in work commuting as well as the University Properties of Finland Ltd compensating the carbon footprint of their properties.

Venom-extraction and Exotic Pet Trade May Hasten the Extinction of Scorpions


The article published by the researchers of the Biodiversity Unit at the University of Turku, Finland, highlights how amateur venom-extraction business is threatening scorpion species. Sustainably produced scorpion venoms are important, for example, in the pharmacological industry. However, in the recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people involved in the trade and vast numbers of scorpions are harvested from nature. This development is endangering the future of several scorpion species in a number of areas.