University of Turku in QS Sustainability Rankings 2024


The QS Sustainability Rankings 2024 ranked over 1,400 universities from around the world based on indicators designed to measure sustainability and responsibility. The University of Turku ranked well in the listing, even though there is room for improvement in certain areas.

The QS Sustainability Rankings focuses on sustainability and responsibility indicators to measure an organisation's ability to tackle environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges. The approach is similar to the ones used in corporate world. In the total score, the weights of the indicators are 45% for the environmental and social impact and 10% for governance.

The total number of universities listed in the 2024 rankings is 1,403, of which 493 are located in Europe and 10 in Finland. In the overall ranking, the University of Turku was listed on place 303. Among European universities the University was listed on place 140, and on place 6 among Finnish universities. 

The University did very well on indicators measuring the impact of education (position 47) and health and wellbeing (position 53)

In addition, the University perfomed well on indicators measuring equality (position 196) and environmental research (position 175)

Compared to other universities listed in the ranking, there is some room for improvement for the University of Turku on indicators measuring environmental education (position 996) and environmental sustainability (position 711).

The QS Ranking is one of the best-known global higher education rankings. It launched in 2009 as a separate entity having previously collaborated with the Times Higher Education rankings. QS Sustainability Rankings is an extension of QS's other previous rankings.

Created 05.12.2023 | Updated 05.12.2023