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University of Turku in International University Rankings

Universities across the world are evaluated in different international rankings each year. The University of Turku is among the top of the world’s universities in most rankings and among the best universities in the world in certain fields. 

What are university rankings?

Nowadays, there are various ranking lists comparing universities using different indicators. All rankings are unique, as they use different kinds of indicators or they weigh similar indicators differently. Most rankings evaluate research publications – their number and, for example, citations they get in other researcher’s publications. Criteria may also include international outlook, external funding, faculty/student ratio, or the university's reputation among researchers and employers.

Usually, the overall score of a university is determined by combining its scores in different indicators. In addition to world university rankings, subject specific, scientific or region-based rankings are also published.


University of Turku in latest world university rankings:














Shanghai Ranking (ARWU)  301 - 400  301 - 400  401-500  301-400
THE World University Rankings  351 - 400  351 - 400  351-400  301-350
QS World University Rankings  287  295  291  315
NTU World University Ranking  370; 285  369; 377  402; 347  382; 331