University of Turku ranked among the best universities in 19 subjects


The Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, published annually by the Shanghai Ranking, ranked a total of 5,000 universities across 55 subjects in 2023.

The Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, published since 2009, is based on the quality of research, international collaboration, top research, and esteemed academic recognitions. The ranked subjects are in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, medical sciences and social sciences.

This year, a total of 1,900 universities received a ranking. The University of Turku was listed among the top 500 universities in the world in altogether 19 subjects. The University achieved its best ranking result in dentistry and oral sciences, where the University improved its position by rising to number 50. The ranking result also improved in business administration, where the University is now among the top 75 universities in the world. This marks a significant improvement from the previous year when the University was listed among the top 300 universities in the subject rankings of business administration.

All the subject rankings of the University of Turku:

Natural Sciences

  • Mathematics 401-500
  • Physics 401-500
  • Geography 151-200
  • Ecology 151-200


  • Food Science & Technology 76-100
  • Biotechnology 401-500

Life Sciences

  • Biological Sciences 151-200
  • Human Biological Sciences 201-300

Medical Sciences

  • Clinical Medicine 301-400
  • Public Health 301-400
  • Dentistry & Oral Sciences 50
  • Nursing 101-150
  • Medical Technology 151-200
  • Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 201-300

Social Sciences

  • Political Sciences 201-300
  • Education 151-200
  • Communication 101-150
  • Psychology 301-400
  • Business Administration 51-75

The University of Turku actively monitors its performance in various international university rankings. In addition to international university rankings, the University of Turku is committed to responsible assessment and acknowledging and recognising a broader and more diverse range of institutional success than what is indicated by university rankings. As a sign of this, The University of Turku is one of the early adopters among Finnish universities of the INORMS More Than Our Rank initiative.

Created 01.11.2023 | Updated 01.11.2023