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As we celebrate our centenary, we are delighted to receive donations to support our activities in the future. Each gift is valuable to us. We use the donations to develop the prerequisites for education and research as well as our research infrastructure.

The University of Turku invites its friends to participate in promoting the activities and research which advance the welfare and vitality of society. A donation to the University of Turku is an investment in new knowledge and social well-being of society.


How to donate


Bank Transfer
IBAN: FI92 5711 1320 0883 36
Recipient: Turun yliopisto

Add the name of the benefactor in the reference field.

The donations will support the University’s mission of promoting free research, providing education based on the latest research, encouraging lifelong learning and interacting with the society (Section 2 of the Universities Act). The gifts are gratuitous and cannot contain any conditions.

Donations of 850€ and above per year to the University of Turku are tax-deductible. The donation can be given in several installments throughout the calendar year.

For communities and corporations the maximum deductible amount is 250 000 €. For private individuals the maximum deductible amount is 500 000  €.
Please note that you need to claim the deduction from the tax authorities.

Fundraising permit

The University of Turku has a fundraising permit RA/2017/1251, permitted by the National Police Board on 30 November 2017. The permit is valid 1 January 2018 – 31 December 2022. The permit covers all of Finland, except for the Åland. The funds will support the tasks given in §2 in the Universities Act (558/2009).

Make a good decision.
The researchers and experts of the University of Turku work every day to improve the well-being and future of the humanity.