Open Access Publishing Popular as Ever in Wiley’s and Taylor & Francis’s Journals – Funds Reserved for OA Publishing Nearly Spent


The Library keenly follows how the funds reserved for open access publishing in its license agreements are used. At the moment, the funds in two such agreements is running out. Those of the library’s license agreements that include open access publishing have mainly been negotiated by FinELib, a consortium of Finnish higher education institutions, research institutes and public libraries. However the library has also entered into some such agreements directly with the publishers.

Open access publishing in Taylor & Francis’s journals have been very sought after and articles have been published often in them. With the current publishing pace, these funds will be spent very soon, at the beginning of October.

Open access publishing has been especially popular also in Wiley’s journals, which is why the OA funds reserved for this year are running out later this year.

This means that when the funds are spent, authors can no longer send a funding request to the organisation to publish their article in open access for free. Negotiations on the new agreements for next year have started.  

We are delighted that open access publishing in these and other publishers’ journals has been so popular and hope that the OA funds running out will not cause great setbacks in getting your research published. Alternatively you may be able to use research or other funding to publish your paper in open access. Please also remember that parallel publishing a peer reviewed manuscript in an open repository is always a free alternative to open access publishing that is also supported by the Academy of Finland (with certain conditions).

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Created 03.10.2022 | Updated 03.10.2022