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Doctoral Candidate, Entrepreneurship
Doctoral Student, Entrepreneurship
MSc (Econ. & Bus. Adm.)


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Areas of expertise

Decision making
Value creation
Consumer behavior


I began my studies at Turku School of Economics in 2007. I did my bachelor’s and my master’s in marketing and I graduated in 2011. About a year after my graduation I was hired as a project researcher at entrepreneurship research unit. At first, I was a part of a TSE’s and University of Vaasa’s joint project called “Valuable, Intangible and Prestigious Service Experiences” (VIPSE) for two years. The focus of this project was the phenomenon of social prestige and the aim of the project was to discover how social prestige could be used to strategically increase a company’s value creation, competitive advantage and growth. This topic carried me away and during this tow-year time I started to consider the possibility to continue with postgraduate studies. Finally in January 2015, when the research project ended, I  was granted UTUGS (University of Turku Graduate School) doctoral candidate position and I began working on my dissertation project full-time. My aim is to finalize my thesis in 2019.


I'm in charge of YRY Entrepreneurial business and YRGIM Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Also I'm involved in YR7 Stratup and YRSe2 Value Creation and Business Models.


The topic of my research lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship and marketing as I am focusing on entrepreneurial process, consumer communities and consumers’ influences on novel business opportunities. Especially the individuals’ sense making processes in the relational and socially constructed business environment is in my focus.


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