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The University of Turku committed to the More Than Our Rank initiative as the first Finnish university


The University of Turku has taken a strong and respected pioneering role in the development of research and responsible assessment of researchers both nationally and internationally. Commitment to the More Than Our Rank initiative is part of the development work related to responsible assessment at the University of Turku.

University of Turku Prominently Featured in Finland’s Roadmap for Research Infrastructures


The Academy of Finland has published Finland’s roadmap for research infrastructures 2021–2024. The roadmap describes the research infrastructure services that are strategically important to Finland's research, education and innovation activities and which will be needed in the next 10–15 years. The new roadmap for 2021–2024 describes for the first time the national and international research infrastructure landscape that is important from Finland’s perspective. The University of Turku is involved in 13 of the 29 listed research infrastructures. 

Open Science Policies

The implementation and development of open science at the University of Turku is guided by national and international policies and recommendations for open science and research. We also actively participate in national and international development work to promote open science and research practices.

University of Turku to Store Research Data in the National Digital Preservation Service


Digital preservation refers to long-term storage of digital information in an accessible and usable form for several decades or even centuries. The University of Turku has applied and been granted a permission by the Ministry of Education and Culture to store the materials in the Archives of History, Culture and Arts Studies (ACS Archive) to the national Digital Preservation Service for research data (DPS for research data). The University has signed an agreement with CSC – IT Center for Science this week. CSC is responsible for the realisation of the service.