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Career after studies

Studies at the University of Turku are an excellent way to start your future career. According to surveys, 95% of the University of Turku alumni feel that they have received high-quality education which corresponds to their career.

Graduates of University of Turku are creative experts equipped with a quality degree and problem-solving skills needed to make an impact on the global world.

In addition to the research-based education, the University provides the UTU students and graduates with personal support to strengthen their skills in career planning and job seeking. We continuously develop our services and connections to business life to help students find a meaningful career. From 2022 onwards all degree students of the University are guaranteed an internship subsidy during their studies.

Explore the services available and let us help you find your dream career!

Career possibilities with UTU degree

International career in Finland or abroad

Degrees from the University of Turku are highly appreciated among Finnish companies and other employers, and the University of Turku is known as one of the leading research universities in Finland.

Finland offers plenty of opportunities for professionals from around the world and welcomes international talents to stay here after studies. Non-EU students can apply for an extended residence permit for up to a year after graduation to look for a job or start a business.

Business Finland's Work in Finland website provides information about working in the world's happiest country, and #FinlandWorks LinkedIn page in English showcases experiences about working and living in Finland, recruitment campaigns and events. As an international student or alumni you may choose to inform a potential employer of the Talent Explorer funding opportunity as an incentive to hire you.

Studying in one of the international degree programmes at UTU gives you a great start also for an international career outside Finland. Our degrees follow the common European framework and are recognised globally. The Finnish quality of education and innovation are world-known.

Start your own business as an entrepreneur

Turku is a great place to start an entrepreneurial career by setting up a business in Finland. The many avaliable support services in Turku make setting up your own company quick and easy, often taking only a couple of weeks.

Higher education institutions in Turku also have their own entrepreneurship networks: University of Turku, Åbo Akademi - Startup Åbo, and Turku University of Applied Sciences - Business Club (in Finnish).

Continue your studies as a doctoral researcher

The graduates from the UTU Master's programmes have the possibility to continue their studies as doctoral researchers in order to pursue a career in academia. They are eligible to apply for a position in the University of Turku Graduate School, UTUGS. UTUGS consists of 17 Doctoral Programmes which cover all disciplines and Doctoral Researchers of the University.

Together with the doctoral programmes the Graduate School provides systematic and high quality doctoral training. UTUGS aims to train highly qualified experts with the skills required for both professional career in research and other positions of expertise.

UTU services for career development

Internship subsidy

Internships in Finland are generally paid and the universities encourage employers to offer students paid internships. As one of the few universities in Finland, The University of Turku offers an internship subsidy to all undergraduate students once during their studies.

Students find their own internship positions independently with some help from e.g. the Career Services or the department. The universities in Finland moderate their own job and internship portals, where employers can announce vacant positions.

What is an internship subsidy?

The internship subsidy works as an incentive for employers to hire students as interns. The subsidy is granted to the student, but paid to the internship employer. In order for the organisation to invoice the subsidy, they need to pay the intern a regulated salary. The support is the same for all positions: 1800 euros / min. 2-3 months internship period.

CV clinics

Career Services organises various career planning courses and coachings throughout the academic year. At CV-clinics Career Services specialist will give you feedback and tips on how to improve your job application or CV.

>> CV clinics are being arranged every month


Personal career guidance

The Career Service offers personal career planning and job-seeking counseling for all UTU students and recent graduates. You are welcome to schedule a personal career planning discussion at any stage of your studies.

>> 8 steps of planning your career

>> Career Guidance website


Online events and trainings

Career Services arranges special career events for student during the academic year.

>> Career Services website

>> Career courses



Supplementary studies

At the University of Turku, students can continue supplementary studies after graduation for free during the same academic year and the two following academic years after graduation.

>> More information on the supplementary studies after graduating at the University of Turku

Integration, career support and networking

International House Turku is a new project launched by the City of Turku to support all international residents with finding a job, joining new networks and integrating into local society. International staff, students and alumni from the University of Turku are welcome to use these services. IHTu offers advice and guidance in several different languages. The service is based in Monitori, next to Turku market square.

>> More information can be found here or contact Jonathon Murphy Asiakasohjaaja (Talent Advisor) at

Our student's experience with the UTU Career Services

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