Alumni of the University of Turku are all those who graduated, studied and worked at the University of Turku or the Turku School of Economics. They all have different paths in their studies and working life. Alumni stories lead to alumni's experiences of studying at the university, the challenges and successes of the studies, and the work life skills offered by the studies.

Studying and working in Turku - Minna Arve

Tarek Omran: In Turku we collaborate to innovate

Meghadipa Goswami: building a career in molecular biotechnology and diagnostics in Turku

We are currently looking for new alumni stories

Do you want to share your memories of your studies at the University of Turku and how your path has been in working life since you graduated? Contact our alumni team at and we could agree to draft the story in more detail. The stories are published on the university's website and used in alumni communication. By sharing the story, you are giving back something valuable to your home university, and you are encouraging students to dream of their own paths as Turku University alumni.