Student services and well-being

We will support you throughout your studies - from the application process to and beyond the graduation. We offer guidance when you start your studies and in career planning and job seeking. And if you feel you are stuck with your studies or need support in other areas of life, the university and our partners in cooperation can help you.

Support for studies offered by the faculties

Programme coordinators are usually the first contact point for international students. They can help you with most questions concerning your studies.

Study Advisors of the faculties help you with study and admission related issues

Head of Academic and Student Affairs knows the best the study affairs of the faculty. S/he can provide information on e.g. student admission and study plans.

International Officers take care of student exchange programmes and grants and can help you if you want to go on exchange. Career services are in charge of internships abroad.

Teachers have usually specific appointment times when students can visit them. You can ask them about e.g. the lectures they give or the literature included in the study module in question.

Most departments and units have Academic Advisors who help you with study related issues of their unit.

Teacher and student tutors

Teacher tutors are there for you if you have any individual and general questions or concerns about your studies.

Student tutors help you with the practicalities and guide you through the student life in Turku. Tutors are Finnish or foreign students who are interested in foreign cultures and languages. They have volunteered to help you to get a smooth start in your studies and stay in Finland. Each tutor has about 3-5 exchange or degree students.

Study psychologists

The study psychologists of the University of Turku are experts in educational psychology and in student counselling.

​The aim of the Study Psychologist Services is to find solutions together with the student to the problems that can arise in:

    - studying and learning skills
    - writing the thesis (for example, seminar papers and the thesis itself)
    - matters related to motivation in studying and learning
    - time management
    - ability to study and coping

Early support for students

University of Turku has Early Support model for students ans staff for seeking solutions in a confidential co-operation with a specialist.

​The early support model consists of early support offered to students, teachers and staff providing teaching support services. The aim is to tackle any problems interfering with studying and learning, regardless of who is the first to notice the issue.

On my mind - peer support given by students for students I Mental well-being

  • Find information about support services available on and off campus: Support Services
  • Reach out to one of our support students through our website by filling out a contact form when in need of a friend: Contact form: Shall we talk? 
Accessibility at the University of Turku

The University emphasises involvement and communality in its actions. Every member of the University community has the chance to take part in the University's activities and develop their abilities and know-how. Involvement also means that the needs of every student should be taken into account when planning and developing curricula and teaching methods, in order to ensure availability.

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Free time and well-being

The Student Union of the University of Turku, TYY, aims to offer diversified activities to its approx.15 000 members. TYY has also almost 150 sub-organisations you can join.

CampusSport offers sports services for the students and staff of the higher education institutions in Turku.

The University has also Bottoms Up! project with the object to get the students and personnel to reduce the time they spend sitting and to actively take breaks from sitting.

There are reflection rooms at the University (in Publicum and in Medisiina) for taking a break - whether for meditation, yoga, religious practice or just for having a break.


Career guidance and help in job seeking

The Career Services provides career counseling and job seeking services to the students:

  • personal career guidance
  • information on job seeking and working in Finland
  • open vacancies
  • internship in Finland
  • internship abroad
  • thesis as a commision
  • CV clinics and other events

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Study councelling at the Open University

The Open University offers studies that are available to everyone regardless of age, educational aims or previous schooling. They offer guidance in study and career planning for those who study at the Open University.

Contact information of the Open University

Guidance for immigrants in higher education - SIMHE

The University of Turku offers advice and guidance to immigrants on higher education and questions of working life related to it. The service is directed to all who need advice and guidance in order to discover a suitable education or career path. Advice is provided by email and in personal meetings.

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