Welcome to the Smoke-free Campus!

The University of Turku wants to ensure a healthy and safe work and study environment for its staff and students. The University of Turku is a a smoke-free work and study place where smoking is permitted only in designated areas. The guidelines on the webpages also apply to electronic cigarettes.

New employees are informed of the smoke-free campus already in the orientation phase. A discussion about aiming at smoking cessation is a part of the occupational health checks. At Mehiläinen, which provides the occupational health care services, an anti-smoking nurse has been appointed for the University of Turku personnel. The personnel working outside Turku can contact the occupational health nurse at their occupational health care. Both individual and group support is provided at the occupational health care to help in quitting smoking.

The smoke-free campus also has the strong support of both students and the Student Union of the University of Turku. The Student Union encourages all its members to become smoke-free, and the theme is brought up, for example, in tutor training. The Finnish Student Health Service offers support for students in quitting smoking.

Smoking areas are situated adequately far from the buildings so that smoke will not find its way inside through doors or ventilation.
>> Smoking areas on the University Hill
>> Smoking areas

on lower campus
>> Smoking area on the Rauma campus

If you organise a public event in the University premises, please take into account that smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking areas. Please note that the sale of tobacco products is also prohibited in the University premises.

For more information about the smoke-free campus, please contact Occupational Safety and Health Manager