Talk to a current student at the University of Turku

What is it like to live in Finland? Is Turku a nice student city? What can I do on my free time? Where can I eat, and for what price? What are the facilities like? Are the studies difficult? What are the student apartments like?

It is a big decision to choose your study destination, and you probably have lots of questions. Who better to ask, than the current students at the University of Turku? 

Choose the person you would like to talk to from the list below and book your time. The talk can be conducted via email or Zoom, a tool for online meetings. If you participate with your laptop, you can open Zoom in your web browser. If you participate on your smartphone or tablet, you need to download the app on beforehand. You can download the Zoom app from Google Play or App Store. The app is free of charge. Talking to a current student is free of charge. 

Meet the students

Irene Pampallis

South Africa  
Master’s Degree Programme in Education and Learning 
Languages: English 

After working as a teacher for several years, Irene decided she wanted to better understand how students learn and how educational systems could be improved. She began the MDP in Education and Learning in August 2019. Studying at UTU has been very different to her previous university experiences, but also very rewarding. In her free time, she enjoys wandering in the forest, visiting local libraries, and drinking tea with friends. Along with information about student life and the EdLearn programme, Irene can shed some light on how to practice Finnish language. 

Irene Pampallis

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Zejia Song

Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences: Drug Discovery and Development 
Languages: English, Chinese

Zejia’s love for Finland sparked already before her Master’s studies in Turku, when she was an exchange student in Kuopio, in Eastern Finland. Finland charmed her with its student-friendly atmosphere and unique culture and lifestyle, and after her research internship in Shanghai, she decided to attain a broader view in drug development and international cooperation in drug research at the University of Turku. She can share her experiences in student life, and studies and career options in the field of biomedical sciences. 

Zejia Song

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Alaa Benkherouf  

Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences: Biomedical Imaging 
Languages: English, Arabic

Alaa is a real student active: in addition to being an UTUambassador, she has active roles also in other forums and academic groups. Her high interest and enthusiasm in the field of biomedical imaging combined with the newest technologies and up to date information at UTU, make sure she stays in track with what is happening in the world of science. Alaa can share her experiences in the University’s multifunctional facilities and research, and she is happy to tell you more about the campuses and the city of Turku, too.

Alaa Benkherouf

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Mukarram Zaman Khan

A doctoral candidate in Physics
Languages: English

Mukarram moved to Turku at the age of 23 to pursue his goal of becoming a researcher. Due to the excellent teaching methodology and his hard work, Mukarram was able to complete his Master’s degree in Materials Science, with Physics as major, in just 14 months. Now he is on the stage of finishing his PhD and working at Wihuri Physical Laboratory, Department of Physics with the focus on microwave and electrical properties of high temperature superconductors. Mukarram loves to sniff around the labs and share knowledge with the students with the intention of learning. Although it is sometimes hard to integrate with Finnish people, he has made some very good Finnish friends. He is happy to share his experience as an international making career in research in Finland.

Mukarram Zaman Khan

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Rasha ElMansuri 

Master’s Degree student in Biomedical Sciences: Biomedical Imaging
Languages: English, Arabic, Finnish 

Being an enthusiastic science student with a busy schedule, Rasha knows that learning your way around the campus, student city and international student community is a big advantage in succeeding in your studies. She can tell you more about where to find support and help and how to balance your life as a student: Finland has beautiful nature, which can be a great de-stressing resource, providing many activities such as taking long walks, hiking, canoeing, and camping, which she personally enjoys doing during her free time.   

Rasha ElMansuri

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Mária Kubincová

Master´s Degree Programme in East Asian Studies
Languages: English, Slovak, Japanese

Maria’s perseverance and her passion for studying Japan, Japanese language and society, had eventually brought her to Finland, where she is currently in her third year of studying East Asian Studies at UTU, and loving it. Turku has become her second home and if she is not busy with her studies or part-time job, she is most likely with her friends, discovering the various student-friendly cafes, restaurants, or shops in the city, staying active thanks to Campus Sport, enjoying the beautiful Finnish nature, or just staying home reading books.

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Nesrin Muhamed

Master's Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences:Drug Discovery and Development
Languages: English, Arabic

"Learning to trust myself brought me to Finland", stated Nesrin, who is a first-year biomedical science masters degree student at UTU. Being a student of science with a tight schedule, she spends most of her time attending classes or in the lab. However, on weekends she likes to go for a forest walk or learn some Finnish. Exploring everyday aspects of Finnish life: the towns and villages, supermarkets, restaurants and parks that people visit on a day-to-day basis gives her a much better sense of what real life in Finland is like. She can help you with your decision in coming to Finland by sharing her first experiences and how she managed to quickly adjust her life in a new country.

UTUambassador Nesrin

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