"The student ambassadors of the University of Turku share their experiences on social media – Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, among others. The international student ambassadors post on their own Instagram accounts with the hashtag #utuambassador and make videos to the University's YouTube account."

The posts and videos handle, for example, university studies in Finland, Master's degree studies at the University of Turku, and Turku as a student city. In addition, the international student ambassadors can participate in welcoming international guests to the University of Turku. They have also been trained to present basic information about the studies offered by University in English.

The aim of the ambassador programme is to share information with people interested in university studies especially from the point of view of an international student and give new international students tips on how to settle in Turku. At the same time, the student ambassadors extend their important network for their life and career after graduation.

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Obada Al-Zghool, Jordania

Drug Research Doctoral Programme

I decided to do my postgraduate education in the drug research doctoral program here at the University of Turku because of the high quality and cutting edge research being produced.


Obada al Zqhool

Claudia Díaz, Mexico

Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics

"I decided to study in University of Turku because of two things: the great quality of education offered in Finland, and the research opportunities that my program offers, which, together with the cooperation that we can have with companies and other universities, gives great competences for the future of the students."

claudia.d.diazarmas(at)utu.fi, Instagram: @claudia.utuambassador

UTUambassador Claudia Diaz

Ameya Foujdar, India

Law and Information Society

"I chose UTU as my masters program is unique and not available anywhere else. More compelling reasons why I chose UTU were the freedom of managing your own studies and the ability to supplement your studies with courses from other faculties."

ameya.a.foujdar(at)utu.fi, Instagram: @fallen_knight

UTUambassador Ameya Foujdar

Megha Goswami, India

Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics

"My decision to study at the University of Turku was based on finding the ideal study program. The master's in molecular biotechnology and diagnostics was a great fit with my previous education and provides great avenues for the future. Another important factor is that Finland is a world leader in top notch quality education."

meghadipa.m.goswami(at)utu.fi, Instagram: @go_megs

International Student Blog: blogit.utu.fi/studentlife

Megha Goswami

Frida Hagman, Finland

Global Innovation Management

"I wished to pursue a Master's degree at the University of Turku as I had only heard positive feedback on the quality of education the University had to offer. I wanted a place where I in the best way possible could develop my skills in an international environment with good, external industry contacts. I am pleased to say that University of Turku has offered me just what I searched for; an excellent place to grow, learn, and challenge myself."

UTUambassador Frida Hagman

Milla Heikkinen, United States

East Asian Studies

"My name is Milla Heikkinen and I'm from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. I joined UniTurku in Autumn 2017 for the East Asian Studies Master's Degree Programme. I chose UniTurku because of my interest in learning about my Finnish heritage as well as the fact that UniTurku provides highly specialized programs that teach you many differing aspects of subjects, and that, unlike many other Asian Studies programs in Europe, the one at UniTurku is a social sciences program and not classical literature! The thought provoking lectures and presentations keep us awake during the dreary winter weather, November to March, between playing in the snow and jumping in and out of Finnish sauna!"

milla.m.heikkinen(at)utu.fi, Instagram: @nebraska.finn

International Student Blog: blogit.utu.fi/studentlife

Milla Heikkinen

Kristaps Kovaļonoks, Latvia

Suomen ja sen sukukielten maisteriohjelma (Finnish and Other Finno-Ugric Languages)

"My name is Kristaps Kovaļonoks and I come from Riga, Latvia. I am currently a first-year student of the International Master's Degree Programme  in Finnish and Other Finno-Ugric Languages at University of Turku (UTU). Since this is the only international MDP provided by UTU where the main language of instruction is Finnish, this is a unique opportunity to improve my language skills. Moreover, I strongly believe that studying in Finland, and Turku in general, is a great way of establishing international contacts and also a privilege to expand my knowledge in a way that I just cannot do in my home country. In addition to participating in different summer courses, international projects and traineeships in Finland in the past, also my previous experience as an exchange student at UTU back in 2015 definitely motivated me to return back to Finland."

kristaps.kovalonoks(at)utu.fi, Instagram: @kristaps.kovalonoks

International Student Blog: blogit.utu.fi/studentlife

UTUambassador Kristaps Kovalonoks

Jonathon Murphy, United Kingdom

Futures Studies

"I believe that long-term strategic thinking is crucial for global development, yet many organisations do not possess the necessary resources to undertake this task successfully. The MA Futures Studies course will provide me with the tools and insights to navigate alternative scenarios and extend my thinking into the future. The Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku is a world leader in the field and an ideal place to develop as a futurist."

jonathon.murphy(at)utu.fi, Instagram: @flambard61

International Student Blog: blogit.utu.fi/studentlife

UTUambassador Jonathon Murphy

Armin Nabizadeh, Iran

Physical and Chemical Sciences Doctoral Programme

"My name is Armin Nabizadeh and I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in high energy astrophysics at the University of Turku. I got my bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Tabriz in Iran, and METU in Turkey, respectively. For the first time and before joining UTU, I learned about the university in summer 2015 during a summer school which was held in Tuorla Observatory, the biggest observatory in Finland. One of the most important reasons that I chose UTU to continue my studies was the notable faculty members. UTU researchers are very actively doing great works in their research area, especially in astrophysics. Once I started my Ph.D. at UTU, I found out that studying at UTU has other various advantages such as great sports facilities, professional scientific labs, the location in city which is very close to the city center and its good relations with other big universities around the world."

armin.nabizadeh(at)utu.fi, Instagram: @armin.astrophysics

Antonio Santiago, United States

East Asian Studies

"When looking for schools to pursue my graduate degree, I had two main factors in mind: quality of life and quality of university. Because the standard of living is so high in Finland and the University of Turku has such a good program for my major, it was clear I had to apply. My correspondence with the administration was always friendly and prompt, and any concerns or questions I had were answered. Now that I’m here, I am so excited for what the next two year has to come!"

Instagram: @TonioGaddy

UTUambassador Antonio Santiago

Claire Schuen, China

Futures Studies

"Claire Schuen, originally from China and moved to Finland. Turku University has the best programmes and highly personalised study plans are available for one to build the future career. Turku city is among the most student-friendly cities among northern Europe with beautiful sceneries both in Summer and Winter time."

UTUambassador Claire Schuen

Nhân Thành Nguyễn, Vietnam

Global Innovation Management

"I believe the program I am pursuing builds on my prior knowledge by developing an innovation and entrepreneurial mindset. University of Turku which is among the best schools in Europe provides a world-class teaching and learning environment based on research and practicality with the uniqueness of the Nordic style. My learning experience has been compelling with the expectations are exceeded!"


UTUambassador Nhan Than Nguyen

Huy Tran Hoang, Vietnam

Global Innovation Management

"As Innovation is increasingly recognized as a vitally important social and economic phenomenon worthy of serious research study, University of Turku is one of the pioneers teaching and training students in Global Innovation Management. The program engages me in theoretical and practical insights of management, entrepreneurship and innovation fields globally, which is significantly important to my career path. It’s my pleasant experience to study at University of Turku."

huy.tranhoang(at)utu.fi, Instagram: @marvinhuytran

UTUambassador Huy Tran Hoang

Dado Tokić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Biomedical Sciences: Biomedical Imaging

"UTU was no brainer for me, because it belongs to one of the best studying systems in the world. Biomedical Imaging provides something new and groundbreaking in the world of science, and that was more than enough for me to choose Turku as my next destination. This program and city will help me expand my skills and improve as much as possible, both in career and life."

Utuambassador Dado Tokic