UTUambassador Rasha sitaatti

Rasha – Master's student in Biomedical Imaging

Meet Rasha ElMansuri, a current Master's degree student at the University of Turku and an UTUambassador 2020-2022!

"My name  is  Rasha. I am a Biomedical Imaging Master’s student at the University of Turku. Studying at the University of Turku has been a dream of mine that I can proudly say, it came true. Turku is a city I consider  home, it is a student friendly city, connected in a beautiful way, making everything one possibly could need easily approachable. The international student community as well as the University of Turku community in Turku are inspiring and they provide all sorts of support and help upon request.

Being a science student myself with a tight schedule, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic situation it can get overwhelming. However Finland has beautiful nature, which can be a great de-stressing resource,  providing many activities such as  taking long walks, hiking, canoeing, and camping, which I personally enjoy doing during my free time. Still asking why Finland  is  worth  coming?  Well, I can help  you  with  your  decision by sharing real-life experiences from both myself as well as fellow international students, and maybe then, you will not only consider studying in Finland, but possibly staying in Finland."

Instagram: rasha_elmansuri