Burgert Maree

Burgert - Master's student in Futures Studies

Meet Burgert Maree, a current Master's degree student at the University of Turku and an UTUambassador 2022-2023!

"Hello! I am Burgert (or just ‘B’, if you prefer!) all the way from Cape Town, South Africa! I am a first-year Master’s Degree student in Futures Studies. I hold a BSc (Sport Science) degree and have enjoyed a significant number of years in education. What motivated me to pack my bags and leave for a (very) distant country? The field of Futures Studies and the experience of living in a country known for its education and forward-thinking capacity. Turun Yliopisto (Turku University) was my preferred choice, due to the Futures Studies degree programme and the town of Turku itself. Turku is steeped in history and a relaxed town to live in, with a vibrant student life to boot. Nature here is easily accessible and part of everyday life.  

The education model in Finland is quite different to what I have been used to (both as student and educator) and it has been so refreshing! As a student, you are in charge of your academic development and the staff here at the university are here to guide you along. Conversations are strongly encouraged and alternative methods like learning diaries are used as a measure of assessing development. 

If you are looking for a different and exciting university experience, one you will talk about in the years to come, Turku is the place! 

And please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, I am more than happy to chat."

Instagram: @burgertmaree | LinkedIn: Burgert Maree 


Burgert's study experience:

Tell more about your programme and why you chose it!

I study a Master’s degree in Futures Studies. I am a first-year Master's student. I chose the Futures Studies field at the University of Turku because of its long-standing reputation as an excellent programme, linked up with the FFRC (Finland Futures Research Centre) here in Turku.

What has been the most interesting course for you so far?

I have loved learning about 21st Century Wicked Challenges. We face so many challenges in this day and age, and creativity will be required to plot future paths that are sustainable and worthwhile for humanity. I look forward to seeing how these pockets emerge and ideally being intricately involved in those pockets of creativity!

What are your future career plans?

For now, I just focus on my Master's degree and will make further decisions closer to the time of completion. I want to soak up all experiences till then without having to extensively evaluate them at this stage. A career in Futures Studies might very well require me to stay on in academia or in projects within Futures Studies in Finland, and I would be happy with that. Being involved in projects here and in South Africa would be the best of both worlds, however!