Nour Mustafa

Nour - Master's student in Biomedical Imaging

Meet Nour Mustafa, a current Master's degree student at the University of Turku and an UTUambassador 2023-2024!

"Hello! I’m Nour, and I’m a Palestinian Jordanian Master’s student at the University of Turku. I’m in the Biomedical Sciences MDP – Biomedical Imaging track.

This program is inherently unique to me because of its focus on producing specialists in various fields of imaging, based on our own personal interests. Being a student here also offers a great opportunity to network with scientists in the field because it’s the hub of EuroBioimaging in Finland.

My master’s thesis work will be about characterizing the structure of pathogenetic proteins in bacteria. Throughout my experience in this past year I’ve learned to be a more independent and proactive student and researcher. The support from my faculty and supervisor inspires me to always try my best and develop further.

The student organization I’m most active in is APK, @partiokilta, which is an outdoor organization. I’m planning to continue working in research for the foreseeable future because it’s what I’m passionate about. A year later, my favourite place in Turku is still my quaint little apartment."


Nour's study experience

How does studying at UTU / in your MDP help you reach your career goals?

Studying at UTU developed my independent learning and research skills. The MDP has offered me a great way to make connections in my field since it is a core part of the EuroBioimaging network. I'm learning to push myself to the limits and explore beyond my comfort zone. I had the opportunity to take courses in niche topics that are especially interesting to me, and I tailored my courses to achieve the knowledge that I desire.

To whom would you recommend your MDP/UTU to?

I think this programme would be perfect for people who have a passion for the art that is life. To me, seeing the miniscule particles that make up this world with my eyes is a very enriching experience and is the main driving force behind me choosing this program. The univeristy itself has something to offer for everyone in terms of personal and professional development and experiences, so I encourage interested students to take a look at what is offered here and see for themselves.