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Finland - a superpower of education and innovations

In global rankings, Finland is evaluated as the most innovative, stable, and happiest country in the world. Finland’s world-class education system forms the foundation of the country’s success, helping it find solutions to local and global challenges.

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A nation with passion to learn

Finnish comprehensive school children / Finland Promotion Board

Finland has often been called the superpower of education.

We excel at international rankings at all levels: basic, secondary and higher education - not forgetting the lifelong learning. And we do this without putting too much pressure on the students. Instead, in the Finnish system the students stay throughout their schooling motivated and enthusiastic to learn.

One of the main principles of Finnish education is that everyone must have equal learning opportunities and access to high-quality education and training. Learning environments should encourage innovation, make room for creativity and allow every individual to flourish.

We are also good at predicting the future needs of the society, and steering our education and research towards tomorrow's world. 

Watch the video of Education in Finland

Video of the education system in Finland



A country of research, innovations and technology

International and high-quality reasearch is done in Finnish universities.

The Finnish world-class education system lays a foundation for cutting-edge research.

Finland has been praised for its ability to innovate and create technological solutions. We are good at getting the finest brains of the university and industry working together, resulting in groundbreaking innovations.

This is a country of digital- and tech-savvy people, who are used to utilizing the latest technologies, and developing them further.

Finland has also been ranked as the best business environment in the world. Our down-to-earth approach guarantees, that we listen the needs of the customer, and come up with truly functioning answers. 

Watch the video of women in science and tech in Finland:

Video of Women in Science and Tech in Finland: Kati Miettunen


A land of pure nature and sustainable development

Finnish university students studying in the middle of the nature.

Finland is most known for its snowy winter sceneries and Aurora Borealis, but all of our four distinctive seasons are worth exploring. After the long and dark winter, you will see the Finns enjoying the warm summer days until the bright nights.

Finnish people treasure their famously pure nature every day. 75 % of our lands are covered by emerald forests, and there are only a few minutes by bike from almost every city centre to peaceful nature - parks, watersides, or forests. During their holidays the Finns head off to their summer cottages located by the thousands of lakes, ponds, rivers, and seaside.

Drinking the purest tap water and breathing the cleanest air is a luxury which the Finns are not ready to give up: Finnish higher education institutes and companies are forerunners in developing new solutions for a more sustainable future.

Watch the video of Finnish Summer

Video of Finnish summer

A society of functionality and wellbeing

Baby carriage park and a happy mother with her child in Oodi Library. Pic by Pasi Markkanen.

Finland has been ranked the happiest country in the world.
There are numerous reasons for this, the most important one being, that the Finnish society simply functions well. 

Due to the transparent practices and lack of corruption, the Finnish people are able to trust the government and each other. The country is safe and stable, which allows the people to plan their future far ahead. 

With reasonable working hours, balancing work and family life is easier than in many other countries. We know that in order to excel in working life, one must take time off to spend time with friends and family, too.

Equality has an important role in the Finnish mindset. Free access to education has made it possible for everyone to pursue their dreams. We like to play fair, and keep everyone in, as we believe that equal opportunities and social justice are the path to wellbeing and prosperity.

Watch the video of Finnish pronoun Hän which stands for equality

Video of Hän: a Finnish pronoun that stands for equality

Weather in Finland

Finland has four unique seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The temperature varies by season and by region as the country is quite long and has differences in coastland and inland climates.

The hottest month is typically July and the coldest months are usually January and February. Due to the geographical location of Finland, the weather can change very quickly. We recommend checking the weather in the morning before you leave your home!

Spring in Finland

Spring is usually the shortest season in Finland. Spring revives the nature after the long and dark winter. The daylight increases. The temperature is usually around 10-15 degrees celcius. 

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Summer in Finland

In southern Finland, this season usually starts in late May and lasts until August/September. The average temperature is around 20 degrees celcius.

Autumn in Finland

As autumn arrives, so does the beautiful foliage (ruska in Finnish). Autumn typically means rainier and colder days. The average temperature is usually below 10 degrees celcius.

Winter in Finland

Winter is the longest season in Finland. It lasts usually around 3-4 months. The whole country is likely to be covered in snow at some point of winter. The average temperature is often below 0, and can be even -20 to -30 degrees celcius!

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