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Finland is renowned for its high-quality education and research. We at the University of Turku invite you to learn more about the secrets behind our success.

The University of Turku, one of the leading universities in Finland, is ranked to the top 1 % of the universities globally. The teaching at our university is based on the latest research and knowledge, and is multidisciplinary and groundbreaking by nature. 

Whether you are interested in a short-term study visit or a longer training, we are willing to provide it for you. We offer also consultation services which help you in renewing your organisation.

Out global educational services are based on the latest know-how and research conducted at the University. The customers include international public organisations and governments of foreign countries. All the services are tailor-made according to the customers’ needs and to the local operating environment.

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Examples of commissioned programmes

VNUHCM: Commissioned Bachelor's Degree in Cyber Security Management

Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM) has commissioned the University of Turku to deliver a three-year Bachelor's Degree Programme in Information Technology in Cyber Security Management.

The three-year commissioned Bachelor’s Degree Programme focuses on important areas of Future Technologies, Information Security and Information Management providing competencies to contribute to the information technology industry.

The programme educates future experts of the field that have strong and broad knowledge on Information Technology and Management. 

The Programme provides students competencies for: 

  • fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience in Information Technology and Management. 
  • sound and substantial education and expertise. 
  • strong technological, theoretical and practical understanding, and skills and abilities for continuing their studies at postgraduate level in Master’s degree programmes.

The students will graduate as Bachelors of Science in Technology

The duration of the Programme is three academic years, 180 ECTS in total. The first and second years of the studies take place in Viet Nam, and the third year at the University of Turku, Finland. 

The first year studies in Viet Nam are taught by Vietnamese teachers from the VNUHCM. The second year studies in Viet Nam are taught by both Vietnamese and Finnish teachers. The third year studies in Finland are taught by Finnish teachers.

The degree, 180 ECTS, contains the following modules:

  • Mathematics and physics, 24 ECTS 
  • Information Technology, 63 ECTS
  • Major subject studies: Information technology in cyber security management, 58 ECTS 
  • Minor Subject Studies: Computer Science, 20 ECTS 
  • Language and communication studies, 15 ECTS
Commissioned Degrees in Data Science and IoT

Finland University offers commissioned Bachelor’s Degree Programmes in Data Science and Applied IoT for high school graduates in Salo IoT Campus. The programmes offer progressive, interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial and holistic education. In the both degree programmes the students can choose either a Product Track or a Startup Track.

Both the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Data Science and the Applied IoT Degree Programme provide the students with skills needed in today’s – and tomorrow’s – working life.  

There’s a high demand for people who can use efficient and reliable methods to explore and analyze big data, and to efficiently communicate their findings that add value to their customers.

Some estimate that the global need of data scientists are in excess of one million new professionals within the next few years. 

About the Programmes

The both programmes start with ICT and Engineering Science Core Studies that include e.g. the following themes:

  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Language and Communication
  • Software
  • Embedde Electronics
  • Networks and Security

The students can then continue to study in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Data Science that focuses on Internet of Things and Data Science or in the Applied IoT Degree, which has modules e.g. in New Product Development, Mechatronics and Robotics and Usability and User-Centered Design. 

Each course is coordinated by a teaching team with expertise in Technical knowledge and Skills, Product Development, and Business. 

The programmes also use wide range of educators such as entrepreneurs, VCs, business angels, researchers and executives.

About Salo IoT Campus

Salo IoT Campus is an ecosystem of companies, educational establishments and scholars working with IoT. The City of Salo has a century long history and extensive expertise in high technology business. Currently, a great number of companies and start-ups specialized in wireless communication, are based in Salo.