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Professional development programmes

We offer a versatile selection of professional development programmes in different fields. They are aimed at organisations, who want to ensure that the skills and knowledge of their staff are up-to-date.

Find the current selection of our professional development programmes in  ICT and in PET Imaging & Drug Disvovery below.

ICT trainings boosting efficiency and productivity

The information-intensive industry has become one of the most important business sectors, and knowledge the most important factor in production. ICT has a critical role in improving the profitability of the businesses and in responding to the needs of the society.

We have an established reputation in innovative, interdisciplinary, and international education in the field of information communication technologies.

Our training programmes and services are versatile by nature, offering you the latest information and skills, based on high-quality research.

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Our programme provides you with expertise and skills in ICT based on newest research and technologies.
Seppo Virtanen
Associate Professor in Cyber Security Engineering
Get inspired by challenge
by learning something new everyday.

Drug discovery and PET imaging

The research in biosciences and medicine in the University of Turku is internationally ranked among the best in the world. The keys for success lie in long biomedical research traditions and a compact campus area where two universities and a university hospital co-operate to create an interdisciplinary and innovative study and research environment. Of the Finnish drug innovations, 90 percent have been made in Turku. To support the future discoveries, the University of Turku has chosen drug development as one of its strategic profiling areas.

Research focus is on translational medicine, disease modelling, and biomedical imaging. Available research infrastructures include the world famous Turku PET Centre and Turku Centre for Disease Modeling, both of which offer services for drug development research.

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