Study visit: Introduction to PET imaging

The visit introduces you the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging and the research and diagnostics operations of the globally recognised Turku PET Centre.

For whom?

The visit is targeted at:

  • researchers, physicians, and PhD students
  • universities, research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies operating in the imaging, biotechnology and drug development fields
Duration and delivery

The workshop duration is 3 days in the University of Turku, Finland.

Contents of the programme

Day 1 : Essential of PET imaging

  • Introduction to Turku PET Centre
  • The multidiciplinary nature of PET
  • PET Physics, radiochemistry and data analyses

Day 2: Research in Turku PET Centre

  • Research focuses of the Centre
  • Clinical and non-clinical PET research
  • Collaboration with business
  • Visit to the Centre facilities and observation

Day 3: Diagnostics in Turku PET Centre

  • Diagnostic services of the Centre
  • Collaboration with specialised health care
  • Visit to the Centre facilities and observation of diagnostic analysis

10 500 € per group (excluding possible VAT).

Maximum group size 25 participants.