Training programme: Cyber security expert

The programme generates experts of cyber security, to business and public sector, who have advanced knowledge on the security and vulnerabilities of networked systems and applications.

For whom?

The programme is targeted at experts, who want to deepen or update their knowledge and understanding concerning cyber security.

Duration and delivery

The programme scope is equivalent to 4 months full-time study. The scheduling of the studies is flexible.

Programme is delivered online and on-site in customer’s location or in Finland. 

Learning outcomes

The participants learn to:

  • understand the characteristics of computer systems and applications which are critical in terms of information security
  • understand the vulnerabilities in networked systems and how a malicious party may try to exploit them, and how to make systems and software safe and secure
  • analyze and minimize the information security and privacy risks arising from human activity
  • select suitable and adequate information security solutions to a particular application
  • administer various methods for protecting and managing digital material and rights (DRM).
  • specify a system for electronic identification (biometrics)
  • recognize information security risks caused by subsystems and is able to prevent their occurrences
Contents of the programme

The Programme consists of three Academic Modules:

  1. System and Application Security
  2. Human Element in Information Security
  3. Security Engineering