Training programme: Biomedical imaging

The programme trains professionals with theoretical understanding of diverse imaging technologies along with practical skills in a wide range of imaging methods and technologies. 

For whom?

The programme is targeted at imaging related basic and medical research experts as well as imaging core facility personnel, with educational background in life sciences, or relevant fields of biomedical sciences, physics, chemistry or engineering.

Duration and delivery

The programme scope is equivalent to 6 months full-time study. The scheduling of the studies is flexible.

Programme is delivered online and on-site in customer’s location or in Finland. 

Contents of the programme

The programme consist of the following topics: 

  • Light microscopy essentials
  • Fluorescence in Bioanalytical Research
  • Bioimaging and Microscopy
  • Bioimage Informatics
  • Advanced microscopy and image analysis
  • Advanced Bioimage Informatics
  • Advanced Microscopy