Training programme: Smart IoT Systems Expert

The programme trains experts of Smart IoT systems, for both business and public sector.

For whom?

The programme is targeted at experts, who want to deepen or update their knowledge and understanding about Smart IoT Systems.

Duration and delivery

The programme scope is equivalent to 4 months full-time study. The scheduling of the studies is flexible.

Programme is delivered online and on-site in customer’s location or in Finland.

Learning outcomes

The participants will:

  • have insight into real-world applications of smart and autonomous systems.
  • understand and master the fundamental concepts and challenges of autonomous systems and mobile robotics from the embedded systems and embedded computing platforms perspectives.
  • understand principles of embedded IoT programming and how the constraints of emebedded systems affect programming.
  • know how to interface between the physical world and IoT devices.
  • can solve common debugging challenges of embedded systems.
  • know how to make design trade-offs between hardware and software.
  • are able to build embedded sensor systems and interface them with smartphone
Contents of the programme

The Programme consists of three Academic Modules:

  1. Smart Systems Applications
  2. Autonomous Systems Architectures
  3. Embedded IoT Programming