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Strategic leadership and organisational development

Staying competitive requires commitment to continuous development. Our services provide you with a new set of skills and insights, creating a proactive approach to change.

Our trainings and services for leadership and organisational development are carried out by TSE exe at University of Turku (Turku School of Economics Executive Education and Development)

The research at Turku School of Economics is closely interrelated to the main challenges of society and business. As a result, we have hands-on knowledge about the current needs of businesses, have designed services, which really function and help the organisations to develop their operations.

Future-proof your organisation

Forecasting the future might be impossible. Yet, with foresight tools you are able to prepare your organisation for tomorrow's world..

Futures studies and strategic foresight enables individuals and organisations  to map alternative futures development paths, futures images and scenarios and have an impact on the future. It encourages empowerment in helping organisations, regions and nations to harness future opportunities and threats.

Leadership and management

Our trainings and services are based on the combination of the latest research and understanding of the contemporary development needs of organisations and businesses.

They provide you with skills and knowledge needed in the constantly changing business environment, where managers and leaders are required to come up with fresh ideas and perspectives. You will also gain competence to develop your organisation in a complex and uncertain environment.

Pedagogical leadership

The world of education has undergone a rapid change. Learning has become more and more student-centered, and due to digitalization, it takes place via multiple channels. 

This development has also transformed the roles of the teachers and school management, creating an immense need for a forward-thinking and competent pedagogical leadership. 

Our EMBA in International education provides you with all aspects of contemporary educational management. It is targeted for future-oriented educational directors and leaders, who are committed to developing their own organisations as well as their own personal leadership skills. Read more about the programme. We offer also short courses in pedagogical leadership.